How to Maintain Your Beautiful Eyes


Are you struggling with any of these eye-related issues?

Wrinkles, fine lines, hollows under the eyes, dark circles, crepey skin, droopy eyelids, puffiness, crow’s feet, tired appearance, drooping brows, or under-eye “bags”?

Over time our eyes begin to lose their brightness, or openness and the eye area begins to look more tired and discolored. Multiple small changes occur over time in the eye, brow, and upper cheek area to contribute to the way that we see our eyes in the mirror. Crow’s feet and other wrinkles develop around the eye from repeated movements over time. The eye area includes the brow, which generally becomes thinner and less arched over time. The skin of the upper eyelid begins to sag and the lower eyelid often becomes wrinkled and thin. In addition, the upper cheek tends to become deflated over time. These changes occur in both men and women of every skin color that fall in a wide range of ages.

The 8 BEST solutions for eye-related concerns:
  1.  Xeomin: Relaxes wrinkles such as crow’s feet, 11’s between your brows, forehead lines, and can provide a “liquid brow lift”. Results last about 4 months. 
  2. Belotero: A hyaluronic acid filler that may be used to fill or even out hollows under the eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Typically lasts up to a year.
  3. Blepharoplasty (upper and/or lower eyelid surgery):  Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery of the eyelids to eliminate tired, puffy, drooping eyelids and/or bags under the eyes. It can be a real eye-opener! Depending on several factors, blepharoplasty can occasionally be covered by insurance. Ask your doctor to find out if you qualify. 
  4.  Brow Lift: Drooping eyebrows can be corrected with a Brow Lift, which is often coupled with and done at the same time as a blepharoplasty.
  5.  Fat transfer: The under eye area and cheeks can benefit from replacing GOOD Fat that has been lost over time. Fat transfer transforms a tired appearance into a healthy and rested look.
  6. Cheek augmentation: Creation of new contours and volume in the cheeks can be done with cheek augmentation, which restores youthful fullness to the face and supports the eye area.
  7. CO2 Laser Resurfacing: The application of CO2 laser to select areas around the eyes and face vaporizes the damaged layer of tissue without hurting underlying skin. Results in the formation of new collagen fibers, tightening of skin, wrinkle reduction, and resurfacing of the skin.
  8. Cosmeceutical Products: Sunscreen, eye creams, and other topical treatments are an important part of your total skin and eye care regimen. When it comes to pre and post operative care, daily maintenance with doctor-recommended products will help you "protect your investment".

Because everyone’s situation is unique, the best way to know which treatments are right for you is to consult with a reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

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