What You Should Know About Liposuction


Liposuction is a common and widely used procedure for the removal of unwanted fat from specific areas of your body. It is used to contour and sculpt your figure. Fat accumulates beneath the skin, especially in and around your tummy, hips, bottom, and thighs. These pesky areas of fat are usually unresponsive to exercise and diet. This can be quite frustrating to someone who is working hard to lose those last 7 to 10 pounds. There are several reasons why fat accumulates in these areas. Heredity and age are the primary culprits. Vast improvements in the liposuction procedure have made it quite safe and very effective. As a result, it has become a popular form of cosmetic surgery.

What does liposuction entail?

Some type of anesthesia is used during the procedure. This might be a general anesthetic, or intravenous sedation. The surgeon then makes small incisions in the areas that are targeted for the fat removal. A thin metal straw is inserted into the incisions and used to suction out fat from beneath the skin. This is how a plastic surgeon contours your new shape. It takes about 45 minutes per area, so the time will vary depending on how extensive the surgery.

How long do liposuction results last?

When fat is removed from a specific area, it is unlikely to return. Once fat cells are gone they are gone permanently. If you do gain weight, it will for the most part spread to other areas of your body, so it is essential to maintain a proper diet and exercise or the results of the liposuction procedure might become skewed. Lipo results can be very long lasting, providing you take care of yourself. Before you begin any exercise program, you should check with your primary healthcare provider.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for the surgery?

There are certain criteria that must be met before a liposuction surgeon will consider you a good candidate for the surgery. First, you need to be close to your ideal weight. Lipo is not a cure for obesity. Secondly, your emotional health must be stable, and your physical health must be relatively good. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate both to determine if you qualify. You need to have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. While the results are quite remarkable, this isn't a miraculous way to become a completely different person. You must be free of any serious health issues such as diabetes or heart disease. If you are a smoker, you need to be prepared to quit several weeks prior to the procedure, and stay away from cigarettes for several weeks after the recovery. It is advisable to stop smoking altogether.

If you think that liposuction surgery in Houston is something from which you may benefit, get in touch with a Houston plastic surgeon and set up an initial consultation. He or she will gladly explain the procedure to you, including any risks and possible complications. The procedure is known to be quite effective, and once you have lost those last few pounds that have been so difficult to eliminate, you will be happy that you had the procedure.

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