Lip Service


There’s much more Plastic Surgeons can do to improve the appearance of your lips than just make them bigger. I appreciate that improving the appearance of this part of your face involves creating harmony between the lips themselves and the surrounding features.
Optimal treatment can involve the combined use of several noninvasive and surgical techniques.
1. Lip Augmentation – The most popular treatment is enlarging the size of the lips by injecting Juvederm, a soft filler made of hyaluronic acid. I’m careful to not overfill the lips and to respect the normal ratio of the upper to lower lip to maintain a natural look. Filler can also be used to accentuate the “philtral columns” which are those ridges than extend down from the base of the nose to the top of your lips. Injection of filler also is helpful in creating a pleasing appearance by up-turning the corners of the mouth. Fine vertical lines (sometimes called smoker’s lines) can be filled, avoiding the distressing “lipstick bleed”.
2. Permanent Lip Implants - Patients who love the look of their augmented lips but are tired of getting repeat injections can opt for permanent lip implants which are made of very soft silicone. They are inserted through tiny incisions at the corners of the mouth under local anesthesia. They come in a multitude of sizes so the procedure can be tailored to each patient’s desires. They can be easily removed if you are not thrilled with the look.
3. Surgical Lip Lift – This is a great procedure that upturns the middle part of the upper lip, thus giving an attractive “pouty” look. It also shortens the distance between the nose and the upper lip, imparting a more youthful look (this distance lengthens with age). The procedure is done under local and the incision is essentially invisible at the base of the nose.
4. Botox – Botox is injected around the mouth to improve the appearance of deep vertical lines. It is especially useful for lines that deepen when you talk or purse your lips. Botox is also used to weaken the depressor anguli oris muscle, which helps to upturn the corners of the mouth.
5. Skin Resurfacing – Fine lines around the mouth that are too superficial for fillers or Botox are effectively treated with skin resurfacing modalities such as dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser.
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