Juveni: Stay away and stay safe.


The world is full of shady characters. Do you remember your mother telling you that if something seemed too good to be true, it probably was? That is the case with Juveni. This is an filler product that is slyly being marketed online. While the name seems to be chosen to help you confuse the product with Allergan’s hyaluronic acid filler product Juvederm, this is not Juvederm.

Juvederm is a wonderfully researched, thoroughly tested, FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler with millions of safe and successful treatments. While one can quibble with the best location to use this product versus other equally well researched, thoroughly tested, FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Perlane, at the end of the day, these are safe and effective products with fantastic clinical track records. It is no wonder that shady characters looking to make a fast buck are illegally offering untested, unproven, possibly adulterated products directly to the public.  Juveni is not FDA approved and seem to fall into this later category in my opinion.

Channel 5, a BBC news channel in England, recently reported that British authorities shut down the website directly marketing these products in England. However, the site remains active on the World Wide Web. I have not personally tried to order this product. Patients of mine who have had the misfortune of ordering this product and injecting themselves inform me that the website reflects a United States address in Connecticut. However they report that the product actually is shipped from Brazil.

I am warning the public that this is a completely unregulated product. It is untested in any clinically meaningful way. If you want to have fillers, this is not the way to have service. This company is preying on your lack of sophistication. This product should be regarded as a highly dangerous product. There are numerous reports on the internet of individuals being harmed by Juveni. It is reported to causes an almost immediate inflammatory reaction, swelling, which eventually heals with lumpy nodules. It does not help that many seem to be ordering this product and self-injecting themselves. My patients have required surgical removal of the lumpy product.

This must be very profitable business for the company distributing this product. They rented a store-front of some sort in Bridgeport Connecticut. An internet troll comes on websites to imply that there is nothing wrong with their product and that all the complaints are caused by a single person with an axe to grind. Please do not believe this. Think about it. When have you ever seen it possible to legally obtain a product that needs to be injected without a prescription? This company markets under a number of names: PMMA.com, Juveni, and Feratti Global Brands. The websites list many other questionable products. These products are not inexpensive. I strongly advise you to avoid these products. In the United States, Canada, and Europe, legitimate injectable drugs are not available to the public without a prescription. Save yourself harm and grief. Go to a licensed, ethical injecting physician or surgeon. Only get legal, FDA or CE approved products that are injected by licensed personal. In the case of Juveni and the other products sold by PMMA.com, the real thing is not that much more than these bogus products.

Have you been harmed by these products and want to speak out about your experience? Please email me. Periodically, I am contacted by the press who is always looking to tell these types of stories. If you are interested, I am happy to put you in touch with these reporters when I am contacted. If you are suffering from these products, please get help.  The FDA wants to hear from you regarding these products.  Consider making a complaint with the FDA through their consumer sites, which has an intake form for potential criminal activity.  Don’t feel embarrassed. You have been victimized by unscrupulous scammers who don’t care about you. There is help out there. For others who have thought about ordering these products, please save yourself heartache and regret. Remember what your mother taught you: If something seems too good to be true.…

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Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon