Hair, Eyebrow, & Eyelash Restoration: Your Hair, Your Way


Is hair loss affecting your confidence?

Your hair is an important part of your personal identity. Experiencing hair loss can feel devastating: when hair loss begins, self-confidence usually suffers. Those who experience hair loss commonly react by trying to cover up thinning areas, or by resorting to desperate remedies. The reality is, once hair loss begins, it tends to continue until it can no longer be covered up or ignored.

Hair loss occurs in both men and women, and the causes vary. The reasons for hair loss or a receding hair line can range from aging to stress, hormones, medical conditions, genetics, or trauma to the hair shaft from overstyling. The most important first step is to consult with a doctor to determine the cause of your hair loss and what options are available to you. There are surgical, non-surgical, and prescription methods to restore hair, facial hair, eyebrows, and even eyelashes.

Hair Restoration:

Hair Transplant: surgical hair transplant techniques allow many men and women to have a completely natural hair restoration. When performed on a good candidate, hair transplantation can produce a dramatic change in appearance.

iGrow Low Level Light Therapy: a laser light cap is used to stimulate hair follicles on the scalp producing thicker hair shafts and a fuller appearance. This product is available for purchase to use at home

Prescription methods: used to slow down or halt hair loss, or in some cases stimulate hair growth

Eyebrow Restoration:

Anti-aging doesn’t stop with skin care. Like your hair, the shape and fullness of your eyebrows can make or break your entire face. Eyebrows can become sparser with age, so adding fullness to your brows can make an incredible difference to your look. Full eyebrows are an anti-aging secret because they add structure to your face and open up the eye area to make your eyes look bigger, wider, and more youthful. Like thinning hair, sparse brows come with age, so they make you look older than you are. Brows naturally thin at the outer edges first, but a fast fade can also be the result of overplucking. The tail of the brow is the part that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful and sexy. Without it, eyes seem droopy and tired.

Since brows frame the face, it is critical that they look their best, otherwise it throws the whole face off. Filling or tinting your brows can give you a temporary improvement, but an eyebrow transplant can give gorgeous results without the constant maintenance. Taking hair follicles one by one, hair restoration surgeons can restore your thinning eyebrows to create the perfect look for you.

Eyelash Restoration:

It’s all about the eyes. When we are born, our eyes are relatively large in proportion to the rest of our face. As we age, our faces grow larger but our eyes remain relatively the same size. Long eyelashes draw attention to the eyes and make them seem larger, which explains the youthful association of long lashes. Imagine having full eyelashes without having to rely on mascara or eyelash extensions. Hair restoration surgeons can restore your eyelashes to create a lush look surgically with eyelash transplant, or non-surgically with prescription Latisse. Are you batting your eyelashes yet?

Consult with a board certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in hair restoration to find the solution that's right for you.
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