Can Hair Extensions Cause Long-Term Damage To A Patients Existing Hair?


While hair extensions give women more volume, length, and flexibility in styling, some women have been left with bald patches and even scarring after removing them. The actual medical term for this condition is "Traction Alopecia." Dr. Craig Ziering, Founder and Medical Director of Ziering Medical, was shown consulting with a patient who has this condition on "Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Of Beverly Hills.
This patient's hair loss and hairline recession is due to excessive trauma to the scalp caused by traction, or excessive pulling of the follicles. This type of trauma from hair extensions is heavily dependent upon the method of attachment and removal of the extensions, the skill of the stylist, and the condition the hair was in prior to application of the extensions. Long-term follicular trauma may occur when braids are too tight, excessive weight from artificial hair is placed on weaker hair, or when harsh chemicals are used to relax or dye the hair. In addition to this, another condition may be present known as Central Cicatricial Centrifugal Alopecia (CCCA). This is seen almost entirely in African American women and causes very extensive thinning. At Ziering, we specialize in solutions to address every type of hair loss. Many women are surprised to learn that they are good candidates for hair transplantation and that there are many non-surgical options to treat their hair loss like PRP Injections, Laser and Oral Therapy.
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