GoTattless: The Latest in Tattoo Removal Technology


Recent studies show that 21% of adults have tattoos, with the number of women now exceeding men 58% to 42%. At least 14% of the roughly 45,000,000 US adults who have gotten a tattoo are planning to or have already had one or more tattoos removed.

Decades ago, the only people that had tattoos were those in the Navy and motorcycle guys. Now it's commonplace. The tattoos are often huge, some covering half or more of the body, and some are in very conspicuous areas. Many tattoos are gotten on an impulse (often when alcohol is involved) or because friends have them.

Until now, tattoos have been a life commitment because of the difficulty in removing them, the length of time it takes to remove them, and the expense. Many people want their tattoos removed because of restrictions at their jobs or to be inducted into the military. Others have merely outgrown their tattoos and want them removed to be replaced or changed.

The revolutionary GoTattless technique is to microneedle in a special natural solution, which extracts the ink from the tattoo. The microneedling is performed with the same type of tool that was used to inject the ink, only this time it's drawing the ink out of the tattoo.This is opposed to various lasers and heat techniques, which break up the ink so the body's defense system can take it away to areas such as the lymph nodes and the liver. These treatments often cause scars and a lower quality of skin.

Manufacturers of tattoo ink are not required to reveal the content of the ink because it's considered a trade secret. The problem with this is that some of the tattoo inks contain toxic heavy metals. The ink in red tattoos has been shown to be carcinogenic. The GoTattless removes the ink completely by extracting it from the skin.

The advantages of GoTattless are:

1. Faster, taking 3 to 6 treatments instead of 8 to 20 or more
2. Relatively painless instead of requiring lidocaine injections to reduce the pain of the treatment
3. In most cases, removes all of the tattoo ink instead of fading it
4. Iink is removed instead of spreading it throughout the body
5. Can removes all colors
6. Is less expensive
7. Sessions can usually be performed every 4 to 5 weeks instead of every 8 weeks
8. Minimal recovery time
9. Can be used on all skin colors
10. Minimal scarring, if any

Those with tattoo remorse or those who want to change their tattoo art work can now breathe easier, because GoTattless has made removal easier, faster, less painful, and more affordable.

Article by
Savannah Plastic Surgeon