Let’s face it. Fat is here to stay. We all have it. At times we may have too much of it. But is that always a bad thing?

Diet and exercise are the keys to a healthy active life and yes it helps to control the amount of fat that we carry around but don’t we need it?? The answer is yes. We need fat for metabolic and physiologic functions in our bodies but Plastic Surgeons need it for something else… Fat is the latest “Fountain of Youth.”

Fat Transfer or Fat grafting has become one of the most popular was to restore youth to an aging face and improve contour of a sagging body. We as plastic surgeons are of the mindset “just don’t lose it…USE IT!!
The techniques that we use may vary but the principle is the same: remove unwanted fat to improve shape in one area of the body and replace it in another area of the body to restore the fullness of youth. Have you ever noticed that the face of a young child is basically round? The fullness of the cheeks, playfulness of the eyes and the absence of unwanted wrinkles are all a result of the position of their natural fat. This feature is what the plastic surgeon aims to replace on the mature face of adult patients.

The face has many natural fat compartments. As we age and lose support from our skin and muscle, the fat descends or rotates into less desirable positions. The role of the plastic surgeon is to replace or transfer this fat into its natural position.

When fat is transferred it is removed by liposuction (an added benefit) from one area of the body, “purified” or spun down in a centrifuge, and reinjected into a more favorable or desired position. For example, fat removed from the inner thigh can be prepared and placed into the laugh lines or folds of the cheek. The fat can also be placed into lips, cheeks, hollow temples, and even the area above the eyelid to rid the patient of a deep set eye. We also can use fat to naturally enhance the breast and buttocks.

Fat is the latest beauty product. Everyone has it and needs it. Let your plastic surgeon use some of it to restore your youth.
Article by
Westfield Plastic Surgeon