5 Facelift Factors to Consider


1. Sunken Eyes. 
Gravity begins to pull the fat under the eyes down, which results in a sunken appearance. Typically a blepharoplasty is addressed at the time of the facelift.

2. Loss of Volume. 
A loss of fat in the face results in droopiness. Volume can be restored through injectables, fillers, fat, or a combination during or after your facelift.

3. Wrinkly Skin. 
Various factors over time can cause the skin to age and wrinkle. Think sun exposure, pollution and free-radical damage.

4. Deep Folds in Skin. 
This is due to the bone density changing over time. Excess skin is removed and remaining skin is pulled back.

5. A Saggy Jawline. 
As time goes on, bones become less dense and gravity begins to wear on the skin. Eventually, only surgery can correct and tighten the jawline.

Article by
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon