Dr. David W. Kim has spent much of his career perfecting, then teaching, safe, reliable, and consistently effective approaches to facial rejuvenation. His approach emphasizes a balanced and natural facial rejuvenation while minimizing risk and recovery.

Dr. Kim has served as an instructor and faculty member for numerous national facial rejuvenation courses, delivered papers and given talks, and brings this expertise to his facial cosmetic surgery practice in San Francisco to the benefit of his patients. He believes that face lifts, neck lifts, or any facial cosmetic surgery should result in improvements which create a more youthful appearance but look natural and in harmony with one's overall features.

Dr. Kim's Facial Rejuvenation Philosophy
Natural appearance – The operation should result in a natural youthfulness that doesn't makes it obvious that one has had facial cosmetic surgery. This is accomplished through the thoughtful placement of hidden incisions, avoiding "over-pulling" or pulling in an unnatural direction, and meticulous closure of the incisions.

Safety first – The surgery should be as safe as possible. Surgery performed in an overly aggressive manner increases the risk of complication in the facelift. In San Francisco, Dr. Kim believes that elective cosmetic procedures such as facelift and neck lift surgeries should be approached conservatively in order to minimize risks. Dr. Kim uses a dissection technique which guards against the most common complications of facelift surgery, such a facial nerve injury, skin injury, and hematoma.

Minimize scars – The facial cosmetic surgery results are only as good as the scars. Even if surgery is successful in improving the neck, jaw line, jowls, and cheeks, it is sub-optimal if it results in noticeable, conspicuous scars. Dr. Kim uses a "mattress" type of suture technique to close incisions in order to minimize the likelihood of poor scar formation. He believes the slightly longer time it takes to close the incisions with this technique is a favorable trade-off for superior scar formation.

Every face is unique – Face are not the same, so not every facial cosmetic surgery should be the same. Consistent with his general practice philosophy, San Francisco facial cosmetic surgeon David Kim, MD believes that facial rejuvenation surgery and treatments must be customized to the unique anatomy and goals of each individual. Different face lift and neck lift techniques, therefore, may be used for different patients.

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