Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty


Eyelid Surgery for a More Youthful Appearance

Today, one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures is blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery.Its popularity is growing because it is a relatively short surgical procedure, with a short recovery period, and often a big improvement in facial appearance.As we age, our eyelid skin stretches, muscles weaken and fatty pockets become more prominent and bulge.This often is a hereditary condition that runs in families.

Eyelid surgery has a very dramatic impact on facial appearance.The surgery can involve the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, and most commonly both the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery involves only a small area of the face, but often produces dramatic results.
Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fat that may be drooping or hanging over the natural eyelid crease.Lower eyelid surgery will reduce fatty bulges, or “bags under the eyes”, diminish dark circles and wrinkles.

What are the major reasons to consider eyelid surgery:
- If you have excess, hanging skin obscuring the natural fold of the upper eyelid
- If you have loose upper eyelid skin that impairs or hinders your vision
- If you have loose and hanging skin that covers your eyelashes
- If you have a puffy appearance of your eyelids, making you appear tired, sad, or aged
- If you have bags and dark circles under your eyes

Upper and lower eyelid surgery is most often performed in an office setting, or outpatient surgical facility. The surgery can be performed using local anesthesia or with intravenous sedation.The surgery involves small incisions made in natural skin creases to remove excess skin and fat.This smooth’s the eyelid appearance, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.Scars are virtually undetectable, being hidden in your natural eyelid crease.The procedure has very little pain, with mild swelling and bruising lasting several days.
Eyelid surgery can enhance your appearance and help build your confidence.

Before you decide to have surgery, think about your goals, and have realistic expectations.
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