What should you expect from your consultation?


Most consultations consist of getting acquainted. The surgeon wants to know more about you, your aesthetic taste, your motivations, and your state of mind. Likewise, you should know more about your surgeon.

Has that office captured your wants and needs on a video imager? Do you feel fully informed about your surgical (and non-surgical) choices? Have the particulars of surgery and recovery been adequately explained? Does the surgeon's aesthetic vision meet with yours? Do you feel listened to and respected? When I meet someone in my office for the first time, I invite that potential patient to evaluate me, my staff, our facility, and our response to others concern."


During the course of that meeting you should be in a get-info mode, particularly if you are visiting more than one surgeon. Most physicians are not concerned that you are 'shopping', however, never give away the knowledge you already gained from the last surgeon. In order to assess each surgeon's judgement independently, you should offer up only your wants and needs, not your new-found knowledge. This method will give you the most information about the refinement and skill level of the physicians you are interviewing. Always beware of the office which offers to underbid the last physician's price. Just as in other areas of contracting for professional services, the low bid is usually not the best investment.

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Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon