Dr. Szachowicz more than met my expectations!


Dr. Szachowicz more than met my expectations!

I had been thinking of having a facelift for awhile, but was understandably apprehensive. Dr. Szachowicz was recommended to me by my dermatologist, and I thought if another physician recommends him, he must be good!

Dr. Szachowicz more than met my expectations! He was honest, kind, respectful, took the time with me that I needed, answered all of my questions, (more than once), and put me at ease with my decision. I found him to be a highly skilled, competent and an excellent plastic surgeon! My surgery went very well and Dr. Szachowicz was very caring, attentive, and responsive to my needs during the post-operative phase. I could not have had better care!

I am very happy with the results of my facelift! I especially like that I still look just like myself – a younger me – and the results do not look unnatural. I have had so many positive comments from others, relatives and friends, who did not guess that I had plastic surgery, only that I look good. Here are a few:

At three weeks post-op, my hairdresser just stared at me and said how good I looked. She trimmed my hair and gave me a new hairstyle to cover my suture lines. She told me that she was jealous of me. She has several clients who have had a facelift and she said that mine had the best results that she has seen. She took Dr. Szachowicz’s business cards and has been giving them out if clients are contemplating having a facelift.

One of my good friends said that she couldn’t believe how great I looked and that I looked 20 years younger. She had driven me to one of my post-op appointments.

My husband said that I look like I did at age 17, when we first met.

One of my best friends, when she saw me at 4 weeks post-op, said that she loved my new hairdo and how it framed my face, and how good I looked. She didn’t guess that I had a facelift.

My sister-in-law said that I looked great and that she loved my hair. I did tell her that I had a facelift and browlift. She was very impressed with the results. She has been thinking about having plastic surgery and wanted Dr. Szachwicz’s name.

My minister (a female) told me on more than one occasion what beautiful skin I have.

Another good friend has told me many times how beautiful my skin is.

Two women at my church came up to me at different times and both said that I looked pretty and nice, and that they loved my new hairdo.

A male neighbor said that I looked so pretty, and that I looked younger. I said that it was the new hairdo!

I have been surprised to have so much postive feedback from others, and the comments continue. I did not do this based upon what other people would think or say, but their reactions to seeing me after surgery have been a nice bonus. I decided to have this facelift to forestall the aging process but it gave me an “emotional lift” as well! I do not regret having this done and recommend Dr. Szachowicz to anyone who desires to look younger and better!



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