Dental Decay prevention at Childhood


Putting a baby to bed  at night with a bottle other than water can cause serious and rapid tooth Cavity.. Sweet liquidand juice  pools around the kid’s teeth giving plaque bacteria and germ  an opportunity to produce acids that attack tooth spacially enamel. If you want  give the baby a bottle as a comforter at night  bedtime, it should contain only plain  water. If your child won't fall asleep without the bottle and its usual surary juice , gradually dilute the bottle's contents withplain  water over a period of a few  weeks.

After each meal ,brush the teeth or  wipe the baby’s gums and teeth with a damp  gauze pad to remove plaque and germs. , be sure you can see into the child’s mouth easily. do not use the fliouride tooth paste for the kids under 2 years old, because they can not spit and ultimately they digest fluoride.


Article by
Beverly Hills Dentist