What Constitutes Quality Fat?


One of the most common terms used in the plastic-surgery field is “quality fat.” So what is it exactly?

Quality fat refers to the fat that a surgeon will use during a fat transfer procedure, like the Brazilian Butt Lift. In regards to what constitutes “quality,” it is completely relative. A surgeon will assess your body type and surgery goals, and then identify areas on your body from which to graft the fat. In most instances, the highest quality fat comes from the torso and midsection. Once this fat is transferred, we deal with the issue of survival rate. This is a worry for many patients, as it would affect the final results.

This is why it is extremely important to set up an in person consultation with an accredited, board certified surgeon. For instance, if you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Miami, I would suggest researching surgeons in south Florida who specialize in the procedure you are considering. You have your own unique specifications, dimensions, and body dynamic. To reach your target you have to take all of these things and more into consideration.
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