How do I conceal my surgery when I go back to work?



Many people have concerns about reentering their work and/or social world after having surgery. The decision to have surgery is a private one and the choice to share that decision should be yours. Most people won't recognize any specific changes that they can point out. What they may notice is that you look better. You may receive lots of semi-probing comments like "Boy you look great, that vacation really was good for you" or questions about whether you've lost weight. Remember, good facial plastic surgery is inconspicuous. People close to you will notice how much better you look, not the surgery itself. Divert attention from your surgical changes by getting a new hairstyle or change in your makeup. An updated look enhances your new look. The most important step is to give yourself the appropriate amount of time to heal and recover. Have to return too soon? When going back before all the bruising or swelling has resolved, offices such as ours offer expert camouflage makeup


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