Common Concerns about ThermiVa


ThermiVa is a relatively new procedure that offers women the option of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. The vaginal area can become inflamed over time, due to decreased lubrication and the shrinking of vaginal tissue. ThermiVa restores comfortable vaginal function by correcting hormonal imbalance and stimulating lubrication of the area. Despite its many benefits, women considering ThermiVa typically have a few concerns to address before they are ready to move forward with the procedure.
Why is vaginal rejuvenation important?
Over time, changes can occur to the vagina. Those changes may be caused by childbirth or the hormonal fluctuations common during menopause. Changes might include vaginal laxity, as the skin, tissue and muscles surrounding the vaginal area become loose. If left unchecked, these changes can have a profound effect on your quality of life, as they can lead to significant discomfort and low sex drive.
Will the procedure hurt?
It’s common for women to be worried about their comfort level during a procedure, particularly when the procedure involves one of the most intimate areas of their anatomy. The good news is that ThermiVa is not uncomfortable and some women even find it relaxing. The device uses radiofrequency energy to heat the vaginal area, tightening the skin and tissue in both the internal and external areas of the vagina.
Are there risks associated with the procedure?
Risks are another big concern for many women, since they certainly don’t want to experience ongoing discomfort or sacrifice the ability to enjoy sex after treatment. Because ThermiVa is not a surgical procedure and the heat used during treatment is carefully controlled, there are few risks associated with treatment. In fact, most women note significant improvement after the procedure with a noticeable reduction in discomfort caused by vaginal laxity.
Will I have a long recovery period after treatment?
As you are contemplating vaginal rejuvenation, you may have images of a long, uncomfortable recovery period after treatment. Fortunately, ThermiVa does not involve any downtime, with most patients returning to their regular activities immediately following treatment. Even intercourse is not restricted after treatment, and many women experience improvements in their sexual function quickly after undergoing ThermiVa treatments.
Will I be able to have comfortable sex afterward?
Changes to the vagina can make intercourse so uncomfortable, some women have to avoid intimacy with their partners entirely. Even so, these women worry that ThermiVa treatments could further interfere with their sex lives, causing even more strain in their personal relationships. Instead of increasing discomfort, ThermiVa typically improves your comfort level during sex as well as the quality of sex you experience. Much of the improvement can be attributed to the increase in lubrication that makes the vaginal area more comfortable overall.
Will the results last?
The majority of women want to know that when they finally commit to vaginal rejuvenation, they will not have to repeat the procedure every few weeks or months to maintain their positive results. While ThermiVa results are not permanent, they are indeed long-lasting. After their series of 3 treatments spaced 30 days apart, most patients will only need a touch-up procedure once annually to maintain their results.

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