Why You Should Consider Breast Reduction


Breast enhancement is typically considered for cosmetic purposes alone. However, for women coping with disproportionately large breasts, surgery to reduce their size may be more than aesthetic. For women suffering physical symptoms due to their extra-large curves, a breast reduction may be more than an aesthetic improvement – it may improve their quality of life. If you fit into this category, here are a few good reasons to consider breast reduction surgery.

No More Back Pain

Large, heavy breasts can put constant strain on the neck and upper back. This pressure often results in chronic back pain that can have a negative impact on your life overall. When symptoms like back and neck pain are present, the condition is called symptomatic macromastia. If you receive a diagnosis of symptomatic macromastia, you may qualify for insurance coverage for at least a portion of your breast reduction procedure.

Healthier Skin

Muscle pain isn’t the only possible byproduct of heavy, pendulous breasts. This issue can also lead to skin irritation where the breast skin abuts the chest wall skin underneath the breasts. The constant irritation can be painful and even lead to recurrent infection. At the same time, the weight of the breasts can cause the bra straps to dig into the shoulders, leaving deep indentations and even causing cuts to form in some cases. Like the irritation in the breast crease, this concern can lead to persistent pain.

Headache Free

The strain from large breasts can cause more than back and neck pain. The tension on those muscles can also lead to frequent headaches. Some women find the pain from the headaches to be intense enough to interfere with their daily activities. Unfortunately, since it is often difficult to achieve relief from the muscle tension, it may also be difficult to manage the headaches. Many women find they simply suffer through the almost daily headache pain, which can prevent them from performing the tasks and activities they like and enjoy.

Easier Workouts

Large breasts can make it difficult for women to participate in certain types of workouts. From the cosmetic embarrassment of their appearance, to the physical discomfort the heavy breasts can cause, this issue may keep many women from working out as frequently or as strenuously as they need to in order to reap the maximum health benefits. This can also lead to weight gain in some cases, which can serve to exacerbate the issues with the large breasts.

Cosmetic Benefits

Physical discomfort is not the only reason women pursue breast reductions procedures. Some are simply uncomfortable with their appearance and tired of choosing clothing styles that will hide their extra curves. Some simply want to be able to wear a bathing suit without embarrassment or take part in activities they often avoid due to their self-consciousness over their body profile. 

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