Breast Reduction Can be Life Changing for Teens


For patients that suffer from overly large breasts, their troubles can be both physical and psychological. Poor posture, upper back and shoulder pain, bra strap grooving and rashes under the breasts are common physical complaints.

” In addition to the more common physical symptoms, large breast size has even been associated with tingling in the hands and headaches”

Psychological problems can be as equally distressing as the physical ones, sometimes even more so. These include poor self-esteem, unwanted attention from others, depression, difficulty exercising and even eating disorders. These problems can be especially troublesome for teenage girls trying to navigate the already difficult years of her adolescence.

Breast Reduction Surgery Improves Both the Size and Shape of Breasts.  The good news is that all these symptoms can be helped with breast reduction surgery. During the surgery, breasts are made smaller, rounder and higher on the chest. The nipple areolar complex, which tends to be large for such patients, are made smaller and centered on the breast mound.

“Many patients ask if a breast reduction includes a “lift” and, in fact, it does. The difference is that a pure lift changes the shape of the breast without making them much smaller.”

As with all the surgeries I perform, the degree of scarring is minimized while never compromising the goals of the surgery. I am increasingly performing breast reductions using a “lollipop” scar formation. This technique not only eliminates a portion of the scar typically associated with reductions, but allows for a more long lasting result.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Teens Presents Unique Considerations.  For teens, consideration needs to be given as to whether breast growth has been completed. Although, ideally, breast reduction surgery would be delayed until breast growth has finished, this is not always in the patient’s best interest. If the patient is experiencing significant physical and emotional symptoms related to her breast size at an age prior to complete breast growth, she may benefit tremedously from operating sooner than later. The positives of this approach are that the patient does not need to suffer through the rest of her teen years .

Breast reduction surgery reliably alleviates both the physical and psychological effects of overly large breasts. These symptoms can be especially damaging in young women, making the surgery even more rewarding for teens
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