A breast reduction with implants- contradiction or cutting edge?


When people think of a breast reduction- they think of very large breasted women with painful, pendulous breasts in desperate need of relief from the constant weight placed on their back, shoulders, and neck. While at first glance it would seem counterproductive for these women to have a breast implant, but it is not always so. Breast reduction is a procedure where through a variety of incisions, both skin and breast tissue are removed to give a smaller breast mound. In some women, this procedure makes the breasts smaller, but at some sacrifice in regard to shape. Some women with large breasts requesting a reduction have the majority of their tissue below the fold of their breast, a characteristic that is difficult to achieve good long term shape and fullness at the top of the breast with a reduction alone. It is in these woman that an implant can be helpful to maintain shape and perkiness while still obtaining a greatly reduced breast size.

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