What Breast Implants Are Right For You?


When considering breast implants, there are two routes a patient has to consider. One is the saline-filled implant; the other is the silicone gel-filled implant. Both are viable options, but there are some differences you should be aware of. Especially in Miami, FL which has one of the highest rates of cosmetic surgery in the country.
Saline-filled implants are implanted into the breast while deflated, and then inflated with sterile saline water. If this type of implant were to leak or rupture, you would immediately notice an alteration to the shape of your breast/s. There is a misconception that this leak will be harmful to your body, let me put those rumors to rest. There are zero health risks associated with a saline-filled implant leak. To resolve the issue, your doctor will remove the shell, and then insert another if you so choose.

Silicone gel-filled implants are prefilled before being inserted into the breasts. Many women, and men, comment that these have a more natural feel. If this implant were to leak, you may never notice. Once it is inserted into the breast, a fibrous tissue forms around the implant, which holds in any leaks. What you would feel is discomfort and pain in the area, and notice changes in the contour of your breast. Again, your doctor will recommend removal, and if you so choose, insertion of a new implant.

Determining which implant is appropriate for you is a recommendation only your doctor can make. Every patient has specific needs, requests, and medical backgrounds…there is no cookie-cutter method.
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Miami Plastic Surgeon