Breast Augmentation with Dr. Norris


Many women who are unhappy with the size and appearance of their breasts choose breast augmentation to create a more shapely and feminine silhouette.   There are many decisions that have to be made prior to your breast augmentation including implant style, size, placement, and incision. During your consultation, Dr. Norris will consult and advise with you to help you make the best informed decision based on your body goals and expectations. Dr. Norris takes many approaches to help you visualize and help you determine the appropriate implant size for your body type such as providing you with a sample bra that allows you to insert different size implants or by drawing visuals on a monitor. Together, you will both choose an optimal size implant that fits your body perfectly.

Women now have more options than ever when choosing an implant for their breast augmentation.

The advances in technology and medicine have allowed a new era of implants to hit the market giving women more options in choosing an implant that specifically targets her individual needs. Small, disproportionate and asymmetrical breasts can be reshaped and enlarged with breast augmentation surgery by using saline, silicone, or cohesive gel breast implants.

A recent article that was published in the Sep/Oct 2012 issue of Surgical Aesthetics, chronicles the evolution of implants and introduces new types of silicone and saline implants that may soon hit the market, pending FDA approval.

Silicone implants have evolved tremendously since its initial introduction which caused a scare in the 1990’s when the FDA was forced to ban its use due its possibility of leaking or rupturing. Today, silicone implants are considered completely safe and most commonly used in the majority of breast augmentation cases.

The article introduces a new fifth-generation silicone implant that has nearly 20 years of clinical data abroad, and 12 years in the US. These cohesive gel implants are form-stable and shaped in a teardrop fashion to mimic the natural shape of a woman’s breast and come in a variety of sizes. Unlike round implants, surgeons are able to select the dimensions of the implants to create a uniformed result in both breasts.

Women who are not comfortable with the idea of having silicone in their bodies usually opt for a saline-filled implant for their breast augmentation due to their all-natural properties, although patients and surgeons can both agree that saline implants do not feel as natural as silicone.

With these added options, more education and planning is required by the patient. It ultimately comes down to your personal preference and you should consult with Dr. Norris to help you determine the right implant for your body type, lifestyle, and desired results.


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