Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding


Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that Dr. Rick performs. We spend a good hour with our patients going over health history, the actual procedure, what to expect before and after surgery and realistic expectations. A common question that patients ask us is whether having a breast augmentation surgery will affect breastfeeding in the future.

The short answer is no. Having breast augmentation should not affect whether you will be able to breastfeed or not. Two things that might make it more difficult to breastfeed include:

1. Location of implant. Breast implants can be placed in front of or behind the pectoralis muscle. If placed in front of this muscle, you could have decreased milk production.

2. Incision location. Breast implants can be placed through one of three incisions: inframammary (under the breast), transaxillary (through the armpit) and periariolar (around the nipple). Placing the implant through the periariolar incision can have the highest risk of affecting the milk ducts and breastfeeding.

It’s important to spend time with a board certified plastic surgeon before your procedure going over which options will be best for you and your desired results. Not all incision types, implant styles or implant placements will work for every patient. It’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes women will have issues with milk production even without a breast augmentation, and that there are ways to supplement breastfeeding.
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