Beware of Unnecessary Blood Transfusions : A very dangerous practice in plastic surgery


One of the most important conditions for a plastic surgery patient to undergo an intervention is blood laboratories and a general health conditon showing minimal risks for surgery (ASA). The factor to decide wether the patient will undergo go any kind of procedure will always be, among others, a high hemoglobin level. 

So the surgeon should calculate what will be the blood loss amount for the patient in surgery to now how extendended his work could be done without risking his patient's life. One of the risks being 
the need of a blood transfusion after  surgery.

To my astonishment there are plastic surgeons that "Blood Transfer" their patients in order to take them under the scalpel or knowing they will need it after surgery, risking their general health and life.
Blood Transfusion is a risky procedure involving many complications for the patient health and life at short or long term.

As it is said "the best blood transfusion is the one that is not done". Nevertheless is an important tool for saving lifes in any medical event or emergency. But not to be taken as a common resource for Plastic Surgeons for getting not qualified patients into surgery or to perform them very aggressive procedures. Is not ethical or responsible.

Article by
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon