Benefits Of A Rhinoplasty- More Than Face Value


Benefits Of A Rhinoplasty- More Than Face Value

When it comes to your physical looks and sence of "attractiveness", the first thing most people notice is your nose.  For some, this can lead to great feelings of embarrassment and discomfort when in public.  Everyone wants to look their best and feel confident with their appearance, and being unhappy with the way your nose looks can cause great insecurity.  Why is this?  Our nose is in the center of our face and can make or break our look, and our self-confidence and self-esteem.

The benefits of a Rhinoplasty are more than face value.  A Rhinoplasty can dramatically change the way you look with just a small alteration, but the results can cause your confidence to sky rocket. It is said that when you look good, you feel good.  A Rhinoplasty can enhance your look, and your outlook.  Many people use makeup and clothes every day to look and feel their best.  A Rhinoplasty can accomplish the same if not more, but has the added benefit that you just have to do it once, and you can enjoy the results for a lifetime.

It is important to find a Board Certified plastic surgeon and one specifically known as a Rhinoplasty Specialist. It is also important to ask questions and get informed about the details and recovery of your Rhinoplasty surgery. Most nose reshaping surgeries only require a tiny incision under the nose.  After surgery, a splint and bandage protect the nose as it heals.  Most patients experience some bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes areas, but this usually only lasts 1-2 weeks.  Most patients are so thrilled with their results after the splint is removed after 1 week that they are back to most activities such as work or school and flaunting their new look.

Aside from enhancing your appearance, an additional benefit of a Rhinoplasty is the ability to improve your breathing.  One reason for breathing problems is because of a deviated septum, or crooked nose and airway passage.  During a Rhinoplasty procedure, the septum can be straightened which should alleviate most breathing problems.

The expectations of the look of your new nose should be realistic. Utilizing digital imaging technology (a.k.a. virtual plastic surgery) you can actually see your ideal and realistic plastic surgery results.  Miami Board-Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer uses custom digital imaging software on his website to help ensure optimal results and realistic expectations for the patient.  This is a great resource for anyone considering a nose job or any plastic surgery.  It’s like “try before you buy."

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