The earliest age for rhinoplasty has to do with a number of factors — most importantly when they've entered and finished their growth curves. A lot of teenagers especially girls, by the time they're 15, they've finished the vast majority of the growth that's going to occur on their face. Boys, on the other hand, can continue growing a little bit further up to 18 or 19.

In general, 15 or 16 is around the recommended age to begin thinking about rhinoplasty in girls, although I've done it in girls as young as 14. Again you have to take a number of factors into account specifically the height of the parents. Typically a girl is not going to go much taller than her mother. If she's at that height already, you can also calculate that on a growth curve to be specific. If she's close to her final growth height, then that's okay.

For guys, it's usually 16 to 19.

I am a firm believer and not to telling teenagers to suck it up and just get through high school and we'll fix you afterwards, no. I think there's a lot of psychological damage that can occur to teenagers that have low self-esteem issues. If surgery can help during the teenage years, when you're sophomores and juniors in high school and they're healthy, we're totally okay with that. I've got letters from patients that I've done years ago thanking me to help them get through high school and through college and successful lives.

As long as they're mature enough emotionally and physically, they're okay for those surgeries.

How Young Can You Be to Get a Nose Job?

Dr. Michael Salzhauer discusses how to know the right age for getting a nose job.