You've indicated that your nose has a bump in it. We call that a dorsal hump, okay? The way we address this is through rhinoplasty operation. I make an incision in the columna of the nose, that's this part right here. I lift up the skin. Once I lift up the skin it's like looking under the hood of a car. I can see where the extra bone and cartilage is protruding. I then carefully shave, rasp and otherwise sculpt the nose so that it's the proper shape. No more bump. I can make either a sloping curve or a straight nose. I can make it feminine or masculine. It really depends on your preference. Once that's completed often we'll break the bones on the side to lean them together again to give a nice smooth profile. Then we put the skin back down, put the stitches in, put a splint on, wake you up and you go home with your new nose.

A Nose Hump Can Be Eliminated With the Help of a Routine Rhinoplasty

Dr. Michael Salzhauer explains what is involved in a typical rhinoplasty procedure when removing a dorsal hump.