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Starting my cosmetic practice in 1973, the popularity of face lifts increased as the years passed. In the 90’s I was performing around 100 face lifts per year, and while the patient’s were pleased, I realized that though their skin was tighter they still had “old” looking skin.

I set out to find a skin care line that would make skin more youthful looking. At this time the first cosmeceutical product came on the market. (Cosmeceutical meaning a product containing almost prescription strength ingredients.) I enthusiastically began to recommend the product and saw good results; however, after 6 months or so I began to realize that while this product did remove age spots and discoloration, it also continued to peel and bleach the skin continuously. This led to the conclusion that by constantly removing the outer layer of skin (the layer that actually protects the skin from more damage) it also could potentially lead to a higher incidence of skin cancer.

With this in mind, I met with biochemists and began formulating a skin care system that would repair and nourish skin instead of constantly peeling and bleaching it. Rather than products based on inflaming skin, I wanted to have a skin care line developed that would reduce inflammation.

The result was New Youth Cosmeceuticals, which has now been in existence since 1998. I added ingredients that would repair the actual cells that produce skin and would in turn create healthy skin. The delivery system was also formulated that would allow these nutrients to penetrate in a time released manner.

Many of my patients reported noticeable results at 2 weeks; however, used conscientiously every day, the system can actually reverse sun damage and eliminate fine wrinkles, pore size, and improve texture and even tighten the skin.

Other than visual proof of results, a Visia Photo Facial System was purchased that allows my patients to track their progress. Done prior to using New Youth, patients are assessed with the Visia and a score of their results printed out. The scores reflect how each patient compares to others their age for spots, wrinkles, texture, and sun damage. The longer the products are used, the better their scores will be. My patients who have been using New Youth the longest have the best scores- 100% for their age group.

For many, cosmetic surgery is financially not an option; however, having healthy youthful skin is affordable to most. It is my goal to make my product as effective as possible while trying to keep the cost down. No special packaging, no expensive advertising, just ingredients in large enough doses that they actually work.

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