What to do about Aging Hands


A person may look great after a facelift or facial procedure, but it common to hear the statement that you can still tell a person's age by looking at their hands regardless of how their face or body looks. Well, not any more.

Aging hands may have age spots or sun damaged skin and even paper-thin skin revealing the underlying veins and tendons. However, all of these tell-tale signs of aging can be dramatically improved. Hands do not have to look old. When we lose the thickness of the dermis and epidermis as well as the underlying fat, hands look a bit "shriveled up."

Each problem must be addressed separately:

1. Skin Rejuvenation--Good skin rejuvenation with a product that repairs the cells that produce your skin, such as New Youth Cosmeceuticals. This repairs DNA, has fat soluble anti-oxidants to get into the mitochondria, most important anti-glycation ingredients, and so much more. New Youth will increase the thickness and tightness of the skin and allow your cells to produce healthier skin, which constantly turns over and replaces itself. The anti-glycation ingredients, which are most important, allow the elastin fibers to tighten, and the whole food vitamins replenish your skin with nutrients. New Youth has contained ceramides for 18 years, a natural moisturizer. The anti-glycation ingredients have been part of New Youth for 18 years as well. Our Moisturizer 30 contains micronized zinc, one of the most effective sun blocks, vitamin E,and anti-inflammatories, all of which are important to protect skin from further UV damage.

2. Fraxel lasers, Hetter (modified phenol and Croton oil peel) or TCA (trichloracidic acid) peels to resurface the skin. The Fraxel lasers effectively tighten the skin as well. These give the New Youth Cosmeceuticals a jump start toward rejuvenating the skin and reducing ultra-violet damage.

3. Hiding the veins and tendons and plumping up the skin on the top of the hands. Youthful hands are not shriveled up, but have the volume of more fat and thicker skin. The simplest and most effective solution is with injections of either Restylane or Juvederm using a micro-cannula. This is a needle without a point, but a round tip to avoid puncturing any of the numerous veins that lie just under the skin on top of your hands. If preferred, fat can be transferred to the top of the hands in the same manner requiring a liposuction to procure the fat.

These are simple procedures that can be done in an office setting under little or no anesthesia and with little to no down-time that can dramatically reduce the appearance of age of your hands.

So, with little effort, you can reverse the notion that looking at hands can reveal a person's age.
Article by
Savannah Plastic Surgeon