Achieving & Maintaining a More Youthful Appearance


You just need to look in the mirror to see the many changes the surface of your skin has gone through over the years; but there are just as many changes happening underneath that surface you should be aware of.

This knowledge will help you understand the reasons we recommend certain skin care treatments and injectables for your specific “Prepare & Repair” treatment plan.

Facial changes start with several types of tissue, including your skin, fat, muscle and bone:

Your skin becomes thinner from loss of Collagen. It looks and feels drier due to a loss of elastin & moisture. Your skin will also be less supple from the loss of elastin & hyaluronic acid.
FAT - The Reduction, Accumulation & Redistribution of Fat
A youthful appearance is achieved by having the right amount of fat in the right places. Certain areas experience a reduction of fat, such as the cheeks and temples, while other areas will accumulate fat, like the jaw line.
BONE - The Loss of Facial Bone
Bone expansion & resorption leads to the appearance of volume loss and loss of structural bone support. These will cause noticeable changes in the layers of skin and soft tissue.
All of the above changes in your skin, fat and bone result in unwelcome changes in your outward appearance.
Prominent cheek bones or chin, seem to become more noticeable. Lines and wrinkles become more intense. Skin appears to sag and makes you look tired and sunken. Folds on the sides of your nose and mouth (nasal labia) seem deeper. Vertical lines appear above the lips, while lips become thinner & flatter. Vertical folds (marionette lines) appear and deepen. Jowls will develop.

There is Hope and Help!
Here’s the good news: We now have many options to help slow the aging process. This means we no longer have to sit back and allow wrinkles and a sagging face, make us appear older than we feel. The facial volumizers, usually referred to as fillers, and wrinkle relaxers available today mean we can do something about our aging faces. In the right hands these options allow both women and men to continue to look like themselves - just more youthful and rested versions.
Facial fillers & Collagen stimulators
Such as Radiesse®, Juvederm XC®, Belotero®, Restylane®, Sculptra® Aesthetic and Perlane®, not only plump up your skin, they can also help to increase your own natural production of collagen. Over time, you may begin to produce more collagen that can lead to greater elasticity in your skin. It’s really about lifting and “filling” all of the facial areas that are beginning to droop, due to the aging process. Fillers are used around the mouth to fill in “parenthesis” and lines that form above the lips. You can also enhance your lips in several ways: having fuller volume, a more defined “cupid’s bow” and even a more balanced appearance.

Wrinkle relaxers, such as BOTOX Cosmetic®, Dysport® and Xeomin® are often used in conjunction with facial fillers and collagen stimulators. These relaxers help to smooth out those furrowed brows, thus resulting in a more complete transformation.

Brighter, more youthful skin surface
Chemical peels & MicroDiamabrasion, along with IPL and laser skin tightening treatments, are skin resurfacing techniques that can be customized for your specific skin type and needs. These “resurfacing” techniques correct the effects of sun damage, fine lines, irregular pigmentation and blemishes - to help create and maintain a more youthful appearance.

The goal is to achieve facial symmetry, smooth uneven contours and create an even skin tone and texture. You will love your brighter, more youthful appearance from Summerlin Dermatology, where . . . Beautiful skin is within reach™.
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