The Butt is Back!


There can be no question that opinions and ideals of beauty have undergone a dramatic shift over the course of our generation. Pasty, excessively thin female forms have given way to curvy, round shapes and skin of all colors.

In modern plastic surgery practice, this is evident in the procedures most requested by my patients. While liposuction in all of its forms is still extremely popular, we have gone from thinking of it as a tool purely for reducing the body contour, to understanding it is most effective when used as part of a re-shaping strategy, in which equal attention is paid to judiciously augmenting areas of deficiency as to reducing areas of the body where excess volume is present.

The Brazilian Butt Lift technique is the summation of this new approach to body contouring surgery. While its name implies that the procedure is for the improvement of the buttocks, the reality is that the real goal is to completely reshape the body from the breasts down (in some cases including the arms) and establish beautiful, new proportions circumferentially. From every angle, the torso and derriere look more attractively proportioned- in contrast to older techniques that neglected the fact that humans are 3 dimensional and that we evaluate and admire (or despise) our bodies circumferentially. This has become one of my favorite procedures to perform, because of the extreme changes possible and the uniformly high satisfaction my patients experience.

The trend towards creativity in body contouring has also allowed more men to get the body they want, whether by placing implants into the pecs, the calves, or other locations, through liposuction, or a combination technique in which fat is redistributed for maximum benefit.

I'm interested in your thoughts--send me your ideas about the modern aesthetic, the areas of your body most concerning to you, your questions, or just random thoughts about beauty, perception, and how this all fits into your life.

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