Space Maintainers for Children


A baby tooth usually stays in place until a permanent tooth underneath pushes it out and takes its place. Unfortunately, some children lose a baby tooth too soon. A tooth might be knocked out accidentally or removed because of dental disease. When a tooth is lost too early, I willrecommend a space maintainer to prevent future space loss and dental problems.

Space maintainers are appliances made of metal or plastic that are custom fit to your child’s mouth. They are small and unobtrusive in appearance. Most children easily adjust to them after the first few days. 

Regular six-month checkups are recommended to make sure the appliance is still fitting properly or become loose. If you notice the new tooth erupting improperly under, or around the space maintainer, see us as soon as possible.

To avoid the cost and time of replacement, please avoid sticky foods, popcorn and chewing on ice. At night, please be certain to carefully clean around all wires, bands and other areas of the appliance, as it tends to trap food. After cleaning, please inspect the appliance carefully for damage.

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Beverly Hills Dentist