I specialize in the mommy makeover. What is it?  Mommy makeovers vary as much as mommies do. It usually involves surgery to the breast, body, or both. The goal is to try to reverse some of the changes which happen from pregnancy. 

The most common breast surgeries are breast augmentation with an implant, breast lift, and breast reduction. What you need correlates with where you started.  For small breasted women, particularly after breastfeeding, the fix is with an implant. If you were a good size, or too much, then the fix is with a breast lift or bresat reduction. A lift and reduction are similar-- the largest difference is we remove breast tissue with the reduction. Both procedures will lift the breast.

To fix the body dependson what your issue is: fat, loose skin, loose muscles (a diastasis), or a combination. The fix for the abdomen and thighs is liposuction, tummy tucks, and mini tummy tucks. This tends to be the harder area to advise on.  I find many women are in a grey zone, where no one procedure is a perfect fix.  This is why I feel strongly you should see a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Many doctors cannot perform surgeries like tummy tucks, so everyone gets liposuction--even when it is the wrong procedure to achieve a good result.

The total makeover involves a dual surgery: breast with body. This is safe for most of my patients: common sense is important. A tummy tuck on a skinny patients isn't the same scope as a tummy tuck on a larger patient. Safety is paramount. All of this surgery is elective cosmetic surgery. And all of my patients are moms. I am a mom of three. I know you need to return full force to keep your household together... Just plan on one to two weeks of taking it easier than normal. I call it mommy vacation time.

For more information, doctors like me who specialize in the mommy makeover have pages dedicated to information on it. I also have a blog called body post-baby which discusses individual topics.

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