Combination Fraxel and Thermage (FraxThermage) for neck tightening


Combining Fraxel and Thermage for additional neck and jawline toning has been gaining popularity. Although a surgical facelift/necklift provides the most dramatic result, many patients are opting for non surgical modalities these days. 

Fraxel and Thermage work on different depths in the skin giving a synergistic result.  The most dramatic result is achieved when Fraxel Repair, a CO2 based laser is combined with Thermage. There is some downtime due to the post laser care that is needed for a few days.  For those who want a slightly less intense treatment, and no downtime, Fraxel Restore, an erbium based fractionated laser is used with Thermage.

With both Fraxel Restore and Repair discomfort is minimal during the treatment.  Topical numbing cream is applied 1 hour before the treatment.  Thermage has also come a long way with significant reduction in discomfort during the treatment.  Both treatments are done on the same day.

Cost is substantially less than a traditional facelift. 

Article by
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon