Reducing Surgical Bruising and Inflammation using Natural Arnica montana tablets


Arnica montana is an effective agent for the reduction of bruising, edema, and inflammation associated with surgery or trauma.  Arnica is derived from a flower that is native to Europe and Asia.

In our clinical experience, we have found the most effective brand of Arnica montana to be the Bruisekare brand available in a standardized chewable tablet that is taken three times daily before and after surgery.  This form is standardized for surgery rather than commercially available pellets that are available in health food stores.

In terms of topical brands, the best standardized form of Arnica is BruiseStick, which is available commercially in the United States.

Non-standardized pellets and creams are inappropriate for surgery or injections as they are not standardized to surgical doses.

Ask your physician for their recomendation with surgery. Also, remember that one contraindication for Arnica montana is Talwin dosing.

Optimizing pain, swelling, and bruising prior to surgery is critical to the overall success rate of your surgery.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD

Article by
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon