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After Artefill, Will Gel-like Fluid in my Face Go Away?

I had artefill injected almost a year ago around my mouth, and my face feels puffy mostly around my cheeks and under cheek bones. When I touch my face... READ MORE

Can Arte Fill Be Removed?

If I don't like the way it looks? READ MORE

Artefill Removal at Any Cost

PLEASE someone give information concerning artefill removal, even if just partial removal. I don't mind a small scar compared to this lump of an... READ MORE

Kenalog for Dissolving ArteFill?

I was told Kenalog injections may help reduce slight over-filling ArteFill. From the front view of my face I look symmetrical, but this overfilling... READ MORE

Artefill Removal Possible Through Surgery?

I want to remove the Artefill overfilled on the right side of my mouth, and surgery is fine with me. I'd rather have a scar than a bulge that distorts... READ MORE

Can Facial Granulomas Caused by Dermalive/artecoll Be Removed?

I had dermalive placed in my nasolabial folds 10 years ago. Now they have formed large granulomas in my nasolabial folds. i would like to have them... READ MORE

Can Artefill Fill the Empty Pocket Once Chin Implant is Removed?

I had a chin implant procedure done a couple of years ago, and recently had it replaced. After I had it replaced, I was still dissatisfied with the... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Surgically Removed Artfill? (photo)

I am trying to find a doctor who has surgically removed Artfill because I have a lump in my tear trough area from the product (.40cc under each eye).... READ MORE

Real Scoop on ArteFill Management?

I'm confused. Ive read that artefill is completely irreversible, while I've also read that it can be somewhat managed through perhaps surgical removal... READ MORE

How to Remove Artefill

What is the credible solutions of the removal of Artefill (the stages of treatment plans and the improvement of my skin tissue)? READ MORE

How To Remov Artecoll From Lips?

Hello, I have had Artecoll injected twice to my lips. Once was with Artecoll in Toronto, second time was from Artecoll from Columbia which actually... READ MORE

How Can Artecoll Be Reduced in Appearance?

I'd Artecoll injected on my jawline(rightside)because I lost a lot of facial fat from a therapy to treat a scar. i looked very bad &... READ MORE

I had Artecoll injected into my lips about 10 years ago. I want it out! (Photo)

I've been looking up doctors that specialize, I absolutely want to do this, but I'm so scared of getting botched and looking worse than I do now. Is... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Bovine Collagen on Neck?

4 month ago I had artecoll injection on my chin. ever since the injection i felt stiff tight neck and getting rashes and scars. I thing I am having... READ MORE

Could anyone recommend a Surgeon experienced with the removal of artefill under the eyes?

I had an artefill injection under the eyes 3 months and have resulting malar bags, lumping, and pain in several areas. I wish I had known about this... READ MORE

Can lips be rebuilt after surgical removal of Artecol/Artefill? (photos)

15 years after injection of Artecol in my lips I developed huge granulomas. Surgery was the only option and my lips are now horrible. Last week I had... READ MORE

Can Artefill be removed? Can anything be done to get rid of bruising/swelling after lower eyelid surgery (2 months ago)? (Photo)

Dr. Recommended to inject Artefill to avoid lower eyelid surgery. On left side Artefill migrated under fat bags. looked so bad and so swollen that he... READ MORE

How to Fix Lip Appearance After Bad Artecoll Treatment

Had a lip augmentation with artecoll. Got bumps and huge lips,and the part of the face on top of the lips very swallen. I got kenalog inyections and 4... READ MORE

Artefill Removal from Nose?

I'm looking for credible options for removing 1.5cc Artefill from my nose? Would an open (external) approach be needed or can all the filler be taken... READ MORE

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