ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

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The ARTAS System is a robotic method used for minimally invasive hair transplantation. The system uses advanced algorithms to select the best hairs to use for the transplant, then harvests them in a way that preserves the natural look of the donor site, without stitches or a linear scar. The ARTAS System is indicated for men with black or brown straight hair.

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25 Year Old Contest Winner- Free FUE Hair Transplant + ARTAS - Los Angeles, CA

Just had surgery on Feb 27. I'm posting this 3 days later on March 2. So far recovery is going smooth. No surprises! The operation was closer to 12 hours, but the experience was super quick, looking back at it. The staff, movie selection, and food accommodations certainly eased the process.... READ MORE

10k and I'm Wearing Hat Because of Terrible Work - La Jolla, CA

Just check my head picture Very horrible work And cost 10k I did this year ago and they said they put 1500 crafts I have to wear hat all the time because my hair is way worse than before thanks to Dr DeYarman The staff was brand new I felt they were practicing on my hair for the first time and... READ MORE

43 Year Old Male - Atlanta, GA

My identical twin and I had suffered from hair loss since the age of 23. We had both done extensive research over the years and met with a few doctors. My brother scheduled hair transplants with Dr. Anderson in January 2016 and the results are great, so I figured it was my turn. I had my... READ MORE

He's the Doctor Doctors Use - Atlanta, GA

I have had 2 procedures with Dr Anderson. Initially I chose him due to the great reviews and the fact that he owns his business. His reputation is on the line with each procedure that he performs. I knew who would be doing my transplant and his previous results. The results were fantastic. Most... READ MORE

28 Year Old Hair Transplant - Kansas City, KS

I didn't notice my hair loss until my girlfriend casually pointed it out. After I did a little research, I talked to my doc and got a prescription for Finisteride to help stop my loss. I took the prescription for 6 months and noticed that my hair loss stopped, but I still wanted to add some more... READ MORE

Robotic Transplant to Improve my Hairline! - Kansas City, KS

I am 29 years old, I've been using Rogaine for 3 years. I haven't noticed any further hair loss since I began. I did my research and decided I wanted to improve my hairline. I also began Propecia in early June at Dr. B's suggestion. I transplanted 1400 grafts. I brought my hairline down in... READ MORE

Pro Dancer in His Mid 30s Needing a Serious Result. Atlanta, GA

After notice a serious decrease in my hair density over the last few years and even a few comments about my pro pictures I decided to make a change. I spent over 6 months debating all different types of treatments, even considered heading to Costa Rica to try getting a procedure there. After... READ MORE

My Experience- Artas Robotic Hair Transplant- Just Did 3300 Grafts-April 2015. Chicago, IL

It took me years to get convinced to do this procedure. It was the Artas no-strip technology that finally convinced me enough to look into this . Then I searched all relevant websites to find the right Doctor. I checked out Doctors in Chicago, New York, Texas, California...who were all famous... READ MORE

Amazing Pain Free Procedure - Los Angeles, CA

I would to thank Dr. Rassman, New Hair Institute & his team for their absolute professionalism & total diligence in performing my pain free procedure recently.It's no wonder why he is considered the master in his field, having won numerous awards & even been granted Patents as the inventor of so... READ MORE

34 Years Old, Male with Thinning Hair

My hair has visual density, but shows signs of thinning, especially in the front. I wanted to be proactive, and begin a relationship with a hair restoration specialist, who could guide me through the next couple of decades of changing hair. The decision was easy when I learned about robotic FUE... READ MORE

35, Year Old Receding Hair Airline.

The procedure was about 4hrs, surprisingly painless, at times I dozed off, and they provided TV ,parking and lunch. Yes, I'm 35 w/ a receding hairline in the front and yeah it's vain, but you only live once and i can bald later-on. Just not ready right now. The aftercare appears pretty simple... READ MORE

Hair Transplant with Dr. Mark Bishara - Dallas, TX

Middle-age IT manager with lot of client interaction. I started balding around 2005 and finally got to a point where time was right to get a transplant done. Dr. Bishara and his staff operated on my out of their Southlake, TX office. Surgery was performed using ARTAS robot and overall the... READ MORE

54 Male Artas 2000 Grafts

Had 2000 grafts. starting to see signs of growth at 8 weeks (using Rogaine and Fin). Hoping to have density to the front of scalp. Been dealing with hair loss for 30 years and felt it was now or never. I'm single and feel the hair loss has dramatically impacted my self confidence. I take great... READ MORE

Why Did I Wait So Long? - Atlanta, GA

Every morning we get up and get ready to face the day. For some of us that means trying to fix our hair the best we can to cover up as much of the hair loss as possible. That's what I did for 10 years, until I finally decided I would research hair transplant. Medication like propecia had stopped... READ MORE

Artas Procedure with Wrong Dr.

I had a Artas hair procedure done at the Lebeau clinic, and all I can say is I am very disappointed with the outcome at the 7-8 month time frame . I thought I had done my research and had my consultation with Dr. Lebeau and felt confident in choosing him unfortunately at this time I feel that I... READ MORE

Artas Hair Transplant Procedure - Atlanta, GA

Dr. Anderson, I wanted to let you know the results of my non surgical robotic hair transplant procedure. I must say that I'm very pleased with the results! I had my procedure done in January and here it's August. As you can see in the first picture it looks great... I provided several pictures... READ MORE

What Are You Waiting For? - Wichita, KS

First of all the entire staff with Hair By Robotics was fantastic during the entire process from initial consultation to follow up more than a year later. At age 30 I had thinning hair and almost complete hair loss on the crown of my head. In an industry where I spend all of my time in front... READ MORE

62 Years Old Married, Investment Professional - Atlanta, GA

I have always taken care of myself physically thru exercise, sking and road cycling. Never anticipated hair loss until I noticed bare spots in my son's wedding photos which upset me. Hard to feel attractive when you no longer look like yourself which was unacceptable. I decided to act and... READ MORE

Truly Amazing Experience! - Atlanta, GA

I was always curious about a hair transplant procedure and passively researched it online, however, I never pulled the trigger because I felt I would be viewed as cheesy, vain, etc. Well, finally.....2 months ago I took the plunge and visited Dr. Ken Anderson because he had consistent, positive... READ MORE

My ARTAS Experience - Overland Park, KS

My only complaint with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant procedure is it was not around 13 years ago when I had 2 strip procedures for micro grafting. The strip surgery left me with a visible scar. The ARTAS system was incredible, easy and painless and I am extremely pleased with my result. I... READ MORE

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