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I have lumps and bulge after Arm Lift. Is this normal? (photos)

I had arm lift June 23. My results R fairly satisfying but I have 3 concerns & I'd like independent advice 1. I have raised little lump of skin. I... READ MORE

Pleating and Uneven Skin After Arm Lift? (photo)

Hello, I am 10 days post op. I am 25; had massive weight loss. Had tummy tuck w/ same PS 5 years ago, he did a great job. This time around I did a... READ MORE

Not Satisfied with my Doctors Work ..he Offered to Do a Revision but Im Scared? (photo)

Hi So I'm not satisfied with my surgeons work and he even said that he agreed . He offered to do a revision but I feel he doesn't know what he's doing... READ MORE

Could I have nerve damage after arm lift surgery?

I had arm lift surgery last year, it was great hardly nothing to it, and results fab, however when one arm is outstretched it hurts like its pulling... READ MORE

How is Hematoma after Brachioplasty typically treated?

I had brachioplasty done on both arms 6 weeks ago, recently discovered a lump under the incision about the size of a quarter, ultrasound says it's... READ MORE

2.5 weeks post arm lift I have noticed a lump under my incision line? (Photo)

So I'm 2 and half weeks post op (arm lift) I have noticed a hard lump under the incision ... good old Google says it could be a seroma. My question is... READ MORE

Concerned with right arm results. Left looks great. The right has dimples and lumps. What do I do? (Photos)

I went back to the surgeon in a month and told him I was concerned with this and just wanted him to look at it. His reaction was surprise and the... READ MORE

6 weeks after arm lift - is this normal? White lumps. (photos)

I had an arm and flank lift 6 weeks ago today. The flanks are healing ok apart from some suture splitting but my arms don't seem to be doing well. I... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical intervention that would work on arm lumpiness, dent, waves?

I am tall and slender. I had a large volume lipo of my arms 6yrs ago. I was in agony for MONTHS after. A brachioplasty is too painful and I can't... READ MORE

Very concerned about lumpiness on one armpit after mini brachiolasty. Does it need revision, or just swollen?

I am 5 days post op and am very concerned about how the shape around the back of my right arm is turning out. I was wearing my compression garment on... READ MORE

How do I know if the doctor performed liposuction for my Brachioplasty?

I got Brachioplasty but honestly I feel the same amount of fat. As if he just cut off the loose skin and sewed it back together and didn't do... READ MORE

Air bubble? And crackling noise ? 5 weeks post op for Arm lift. (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op after having an arm lift and liposuction . My right arm has these lumps in them. I was massaging them close to the suture line... READ MORE

Hidradenitis and Brachioplasty incision question. Will they heal normally?

I had an armlift along with hidradenitis surgery 18 days ago. My incisions looked amazing 2 days post op (as pictured) but now they look horrible.... READ MORE

Contour and lump after brachioplasty (Photo)

Im concerned with the overall contour of my brachioplasty but more so with the LARGE lump. It's hot to touch but does not have much redness. I'm... READ MORE

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