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Swelling After Bilateral Brachioplasty

Hello, I have swelling in my elbow joint which has started 6 days post brachioplasty, only in my left arm. Is this normal? Thanks READ MORE

Does Brachioplasty Help with Skin Overhang/Wrinkling of Elbows?

When my arm is fully extended my upper arm sags into my elbow, making it look very old and wrinkly. I'm 38, but I feel like when my arm hangs down... READ MORE

I have loose elbow skin. Am I a candidate for an elbow lift?

Hands and elbows apparently show your true age. Mine look much older than I am (I'm 33). I know I can make my hands look better with fillers and... READ MORE

Bulge at elbow after Arm Lift.

I am 2 weeks post armlift and one arm has a bulge at the elbow . My doctor tells me this probably will need a revision with liposuction . I am feeling... READ MORE

Dog ear near elbow after Arm Lift surgery. (photo)

Hi...I have done arm lift surgery 8 days back but near my elbow it's dog air like a big ball n my dr said it's bcz of fluid n ll go after 6 to 8... READ MORE

There is a Pouch at my Elbows After Brachioplasty? (photo)

I expected to have a pouch at my elbows after brachioplasty and now I am ready to have those reduced. I can actually feel this 'pouch' wiggle when I... READ MORE

Swelling 5 weeks post brachioplasty I realize some is normal

Significant swelling at elbows feel like I have water balloons on each elbow. Wondered if lymphatic massage or compression or both would help. I am... READ MORE

Can I get an Elbow Lift? (Photo)

I am a 60 year old So Cal Female whose days in the sun have finally caught up to me. I had Brachioplasty and Medial Thigh Lift on 5/11/2015 and am... READ MORE

4 days post op Brachioplasty, is this swelling?

Iam in 4th day post op brachioplasty..i have swelling in both elbow jont it look like the skin that i had before in my arm before brachioplasty.. is... READ MORE

Would an arm lift under the axilla and lipo make a difference? (photos)

Would I benefit from lipo and lift in axilla area? I dont want a lift with huge scar from elbow to axilla. .please advice READ MORE

I read MiXto SX laser is being used for elbow sag. Anyone on here using it for that?

Can anyone on here prove with photos, patient recommendations success with this? Especially drs in NY? READ MORE

Uncomfortable after arm lift. Any advice?

I am 4 weeks out of arm lift. Still a lot of swelling at the elbows and a seroma on the right. Dr drained it 8ml, but it came right back. Left arm... READ MORE

Arm lift gained weight and lost. Original surgery left my elbow hanging pocket of fat. Where would the cut be to fix? (Photo)

The last surgery the cut went from elbow down into the armpit. I think he made it to tight has weird creases. I gained all the weight back but lost it... READ MORE

Swelling in inner elbows after brachioplasty.

I had bracioplasty 7 weeks ago & still have swelling & discomfort in inner elbows. Doctor says its fluid retention & could take up to 6... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for a mini arm lift? (photo)

I'm interested in an arm lift but I'm not wanting an incision to extend to my elbow. Would I be a candidate for an axillary incision arm lift? READ MORE

Elbow tuck for skinny arms: how big will the scars be? Can I have local anesthesia? Am I a candidate? (photos)

I am a 31yo female, residing in the Northern NJ/Manhattan area, and I have always had toned and somewhat skinny arms. At the same time, for as long as... READ MORE

I have a lot of loose skin and I know I'm a candidate for a brachioplasty. How do I proceed?

But there is excess skin from elbow to wrist. Not a lot - but enough to know it needs tightening. How do I proceed? READ MORE

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