Obagi Nuderm Expert: Use of Retin-A with Nuderm system


The Obagi Nuderm system is effective in reducing melasma and fine lines.  The regimented program works by stimulating the fibroblasts within the dermis to produce collagen.  The program also works to hibernate the active melanocytes in order to equilibrate the production of melanin.  One of the main causes of melasma is a process I call 'discordant melanogenesis,' whereby the melanocytes produce melanin unevenly across areas of the skin.

In order to decrease the production of melanin and even out the overall skin complexion, Nuderm Blender and Clear are used.  These products work to decrease the production of melanin in the skin.  

The recommendations are to add Retin-A to the Blender at night to stimulate cell turnover and increase the uptake of hydroquinone in the basal layers of the skin.

Consult your physician about Retin A and Nuderm.  Using both will enhance the effects on melasma, fine wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation.

Article by
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon