How To Lose Your Double Chin


Do you look in the mirror and see a double chin that you just can’t stand? So do I. Millions of people do. A tight neck line and jaw line create a beautiful, youthful and fit look to the face. Before now a surgical neck or face lift was required to correct a double chin and or jowls.

Today, a revolutionary new laser can melt fat and tighten skin and correct the double chin and jowls without surgery and neck lift scars! The new technology uses a 924 and combined 924/975 laser wavelength to melt neck fat and tighten chin skin and remove a double chin without surgery, a true nonsurgical neck lift. See before and after photos of a patient 4 days after laser neck liposculpture and small chin implant.

What Causes Double Chin? Heredity!

You inherit your chin and neck structure from your parents. Look at mom and dad-chances are if one of them has a double chin or jowls you will too. Technically, it has to do with the size of your chin bone, the length of your jaw bone, and the position of your hyoid bone-often referred to as your “Adams apple”. If you have a “weak chin”-called microgenia- a short jaw line, and your “Adams apple” is lower down in your neck, you are vulnerable to developing a double chin. Weight Gain Makes a Double Chin Worse When you gain weight, fat is stored beneath the skin on your neck. As fat accumulates beneath the neck skin below your chin, the skin bulges and a double chin is made worse. Facial Aging and Skin Sag Make a Double Chin Worse and Create Jowls Most people really begin to notice a double chin in their late 30’s, some in their late 20’s. This is because our skin begins to show signs of aging, skin sag or skin laxity, starting in our 30’s. Also, if we don’t eat right and stay fit, our metabolism slows down and we don’t burn off as much fat. The fat accumulates beneath the chin and makes the double chin worse. How to Remove or Get Rid of a Double Chin Every face is different and requires evaluation and choosing the appropriate method for getting rid of a double chin. However the methods to get rid of a double chin are the following:
  • Remove neck fat from the double chin
  • Tighten the neck skin of the double chin
  • In some cases, lengthen the chin
Techniques for double chin removal Before now getting rid of a double chin required surgery including: Surgical Removal of Double Chin:
  • Neck Lift
  • Face Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Chin Implant
These techniques for removing a double chin can produce dramatic and excellent results. However surgery leaves scars and has risks. Newer revolutionary laser technology has made it possible to get rid of a double chin without complex surgery and scars: Nonsurgical Removal of Double Chin
  • Laser Chin Fat Melting and Neck Skin Tightening
How Does Laser Removal of Double Chin Work?

New patented laser wavelengths have been developed which are specifically absorbed by fat. This is the 924nm laser wavelength which is absorbed by fat 5 times more effectively than other wavelengths. Thus the 924nm laser can be used to melt fat and not affect other structures beneath the chin. The 975nm laser is designed to tighten skin, thus the 924/975nm combination is used to melt fat and tighten skin beneath the chin and in the neck.

Dr. Seckel

Article by
Boston Plastic Surgeon