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Can I Take Paracetamol While on Accutane?

I am on accutane 50mg.It is been 3months now and I am scared that causes my liver .I would like to know if I need to take victamin C to protect my... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Take Collagen and Vitamin C While on Accutane?

Is it Okay to Take Collagen and Vitamin C While on Accutane? READ MORE

What kind of treatments or natural remedies would help my post hyperpigmentation and scars? (After Accutane) (photos)

I finished a course of accutane 3 months ago and my red marks aren't fading at all. My skin is still super red and I still have some little pimples.... READ MORE

Since Accutane Slows Down the Healing of the Skin, Can I Take Vitamin C with It to Speed Up the Healing?

I'm taking 20mg accutane at the moment every night this is my 2nd week and I take 1000mg vitamin C every morning, I think my skin is slightly improving. READ MORE

How Long Can I Use Vitamin C After I Finish Accutane?

I'm about to finish my 5 month course of accutane and I want to use my vitamin C serum (Skinceuticals C E Ferulic acid) How long can I use the serum... READ MORE

7 months post op Accutane, still have very severe acne. Is there anything extra I could do? Should I keep taking it? (photo)

I'm going to be in the sun a ton in spring which I know is not good and I'm down to 30 tablets because my mom is unwilling to buy me anymore accutane.... READ MORE

My trainer and Dr. recommended these vitamins, and I am on Accutane. Can I take them?

Hello,I have been on accutane for a while, I'm on ,my 4th month and it will be my last one (40 mg the first two months, and 60 mg the second two... READ MORE

Permanent headache when on Accutane 10mg, what to do?

I was 5 days on Roacctuane 10mg when I started having headaches, they were not painful, but more like pressure all over my head. After 2 days of this... READ MORE

Is it safe to use a serum that contains Vitamin C, E, and A on face while on Accutane? (photo)

Is it okay to use The Farsali Rose Gold Elixir while on Accutane? It is supposed to be moisturizing which may help with some of the dryness that... READ MORE

Vitamin C, Retinol, and Hydraulic acid serums while on Isotretinoin?

I am currently on 20mg a day of Isotretinoin (the brand is Myrosian) I am on my second month and I have acne scars/reddish dark marks on my skin. I... READ MORE

Can I still use growth factors and vitamin C if I'm on 20mg Accutane?

Derm said nothing but gentle cleanser and moisturizer while on Accutane...I've tolerated a high dose in the past and am doing a low dose this... READ MORE

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