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Isotretinoin and Supplement Interaction?

Good day doctors. I just started taking 30mg Isotretinoin a couple of days ago. I have several questions that I would like to ask my derma but we... READ MORE

Tretinoin is No Longer Available in the UK Due to Janssen Cilag Discontinuing Stocks, What Can I Replace It With?

Please help guys. Tretinoin has been discontinued in the UK, what can I use instead of? It's for mild acne and acne scarring, and also wrinkles. I... READ MORE

Can Oral Isotretinoin Increase Facial Hair in Women?

I am in my fourth week of isotretinoin treatment and think that the amount of facial hair I have has increased especially leading from my sideburns to... READ MORE

Will Taking Tretinoin Prior to Accutane Help in Avoiding that Initial Accutane Breakout?

Hello, I am about to take accutane, for the past few months I have been on tretinoin .1% as well as minocycline and clindamycin. I have been doin this... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Oily Skin from Tretinoin?

I am a male 30 yrs old. After getting acne out of nowhere in the last couple months I went to a derm n she put me on tretinoin cream .025%. I used it... READ MORE

Red Blotchy Skin from Tretinon Ever Go Away?

I was put on tretinoin cream .025% by a derm. I only applied it 3 times and stopped over a month ago. Stopped because I became extremely oily from it... READ MORE

I've Ended a Course of Accutane 3 Months Ago and Been Gentting Clogged Pores in the Nose Area?

My derm prescribed tretinoin cream 0,01% to start. Is it too low to have any sort of effect? My skin is oily again but the oil seems to be slicker.... READ MORE

Should I go back on Tretinoin? I stopped using it because my skin got too light. I never had acne, just problems with texture.

After using too much Tretinoin for a couple of months, I stopped using it and i have been 7 months without it so far. I never had acne, I just wanted... READ MORE

4th course of Accutane?

I took my first course of Accutane at 19 and it was tremendously improved. Life changing to say the least. It seemed to come back again 3-4 yrs later... READ MORE

Can I stop using tretinoin cream after one day of use? Will it affect my skin?

I was given tretinoin 0.05% cream yesterday by my doctor to help with acne and lighten colour of "holes" which he says will never heal. READ MORE

Should I continue with tretinoin 0.1? (Photos)

I have been using tretinoin for almost 3 months now. My acne is gone but I have red/brown marks left from acne. And I am not sure if I am seeing any... READ MORE

Can I still use my tretinoin topical cream at night to make my accutane 40mg more effective?

What should my daily skincare routine be on accutane? Morning and night?Only been taking it for a week. I really want this medicine to work because my... READ MORE

Can I use salicylic acid once a week and benzoyl peroxide while on Accutane?

I have been suffering from acne for 3 years in a row. My dermatologist recommended me a salicylic acid wash with tretinoin and peroclin gel which... READ MORE

I recently had a coldsore. It's completely healed now, but left behind a red spot on my lips. Will Tretinoin Cream help? (Photo)

I recently had a coldsore. It is completely healed now, but left behind a red/darker spot on my lips. You can tell it is on my lips because it is a... READ MORE

Tretinoin 0.025% used daily is worsening my acne. Should I stop using it altogether?

I am applying Tretinoin 0.025% twice daily, as prescribed, to my chin and mouth area, which has moderate break outs before (i.e., at its worst, about... READ MORE

Tretinoin is It Risky to Use?

I/ve been using Tretinoin for about 18 months and today I visited my Doctor's surgery. There was a Locum Doctor who looked to be in his 80's. I asked... READ MORE

Will continuous facial treatment or Roaccutane get rid of acne?

I am 23 yrs old, I've been having acne and very tiny pimples all over my forehead for years. I tried Retin- A for almost 2 months and the result were... READ MORE

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