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Accutane vs. Vitamin A Supplements

Hi, I'm contemplating whether to do another course of accutane as it's the only thing that has ever worked to clear up acne. I know there are... READ MORE

What Can I Take While on Accutane?

I know the basics; no multi-vitamin, no fish oil. My dermatologist just said to be safe don't take anything, but this is not good enough for me. Can I... READ MORE

Can I still take fish oil supplements while on Accutane?

I read the label on the fish oil and there is no vitamin A. I am taking 40mg/day and I am 140 pounds. Is this safe? Also I know you are supposed to... READ MORE

Isotretinoin and Supplement Interaction?

Good day doctors. I just started taking 30mg Isotretinoin a couple of days ago. I have several questions that I would like to ask my derma but we... READ MORE

Can I Take Iron Supplements While on Accutane?

Hello doctors, just a few questions about accutane, i have mild acne , they just look like bumps under the skin. They only look bad under spot lights.... READ MORE

Should I Take Liver Support Supplements on Accutane?

I'm 110lbs and was just given 40mg Accutane from my GP (no derm in my area) I took it 8 years ago, it worked but I feel that it has affected my liver... READ MORE

What is Best Vitamin/supplement After I Finish Accutane Treatment?

Im about to to start the accutane for the 2nd time. my acne is appear again after few mth i finished the treatment. then the doctor ask me to start... READ MORE

Can I Take Creatine While I Am on Accutane?

I have been on Accutane for three months and I workout regularly. I was thinking about taking creatine, but I was wondering if it is okay to take... READ MORE

Are Workout Supplements Okay to Take with Accutane?

I'm a bit of a female gym rat... I lift weights and was about to incorporate work out supplements into my regemin. I currently take fish oil 2x daily... READ MORE

Affects of Herbal Supplements on Accutane?

Can dietary herbal supplements interfere with Accutane or Bactrim in any way? READ MORE

Can I Take Supplements While on Isotretinoin (ACCUTANE)?

I am on a dosage of 30 mg of Isotretinoin. I am used to taking supplements but now that I have started Accutane I reconfigurated my scheme as it... READ MORE

Am I allowed to take the Omega 3 oil supplement?

Hi there Im 110 lbs and on my second month of Roaccutane (40 mg a day), i would like to know if it is okay if i take the Omega3 fish oil ? and how... READ MORE

Can I take kelp iodine supplement along withe msm while on accutane?

I'm on accutane right now, my doctor gave me iron supplement and I take vitamin c with it Can I take kelp iodine supplement along withe msm while on... READ MORE

Can I Do These Activities on Accutane?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. While on 80 mg daily accutane (1 week in), can I take a daily multivitamin (centrum for men, vit A count -... READ MORE

What after curacne (Accutane)?

Hello Doctors, This week I stopped taking curacne after using for 6.5 months, I wanted to take 150/kg dosage but now I have to take antibacterial... READ MORE

Supplements to Take While on Accutane?

Is there a supplement that can be benificial while on accutane? My 15 yr old son started accutane 3 weeks ago and is having a lot of peeling. Would... READ MORE

Accutane and Milk Thistle?

I'm just starting my second month of Accutane and have been taking milk thistle for the entire first month. Is this safe and/or effective? I want to... READ MORE

Are there any supplements that I can take while on Accutane to prevent joint problems?

Are there any supplements that I can take while on accutane to prevent my joints from becoming stiff and permanently damaged after my course of... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Take Supplements (Such As Whey) While on Accutane?

I have seen many conflicting answers about this on the web. Some dermatologists argue that Whey protein is hard on the liver, and is not a good idea... READ MORE

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