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Accutane, 4th Month and Still No Results.. Why?

Like nearly every blog I've read, I've tried everything for my acne, and now have decided on Accutane. I am taking 80mg a day, which is a high... READ MORE

24 Year Old Female and I Just Completed a 7 Months of Accutane at 40mg/day But Am Still Breaking Out.

The pimples were smaller and were limited to my t-zone. It is now a week after finishing my last pill and I have about 15 small pimples on my chin and... READ MORE

I've Been off Accutane for Some Time Now but my Acne is Coming Back

Been off accutane for months and my acne is coming back. Is it possible to take my leftover 40 mg dose once a day like I have been? I have quite a bit... READ MORE

Taking Accutane for Rhinophyma, It has Gotten Worse and Spread, Should I Discontinue Use of Clarvis?

I am a 34 year old female on a 60 mg a day, 5 month course of Clarvis (Accutane) for moderate rhinophyma on my cheeks and nose. I just finished my... READ MORE

Accutane for 10 Months Without Results, What is the Next Step if Any?

 It has been about 4 years from when I was on it.  Last derm I went to wanted to cut out every single one over the span of 6 months.... READ MORE

1 Week on Roaccutan and Acne is Worse

I had my acne six months ago and tried antibiotics pills but the acne gets back as soon as the antibiotics course over, eventually I started with... READ MORE

30 mgs of accutane for 2.5 months - Why isn't it working?

Am 29 yrs old and I had good skin previously. But since I took a birth pill my face has just flared up and become very greasy. Iam right now on 30 mgs... READ MORE

2 months and 2 weeks on Accutane and see no difference at all? Female teen.

I've been on accutane for 2 months and a half now with moderate reoccuring cystic acne, but i see no difference, my skin is not dry at all and just... READ MORE

Still Breaking out While on Accutane - Do I Need to Up my Dosage?

I am taking a dose of 20mg of roaccutane/day as precribed by my derm, however i am still breaking out, will these breakouts stop if i increase my dose... READ MORE

I've Gone Through 3 Courses of Accutane, Acnes Still Around. Whats Next?

I've gone through 3 courses of accutane, and my face looks so so, but I still break out under my skin and get large lumps and white heads. A... READ MORE

Severe Acne and Isotretinoin Treatments, What Other Options if it Doesn't Work?

Hello. I am a 22 years old, portuguese man. I have acne since i was 15 and i use isotretinoin (orotrex) since i was 17. The first 2 years i used it... READ MORE

I have been taking Accutane 6 months now, and it is not working on my chest that well.

I'm 44 and weight is 220lbs. month 1 60mg/day, month 2 80mg day, month 3 120mg day, month 4 80mg day, month 5 120mg day, month 6 120mg day, I have one... READ MORE

Can accutane help with hidradentis Suppurativa?

I have horrible acne. I used to be on spironolcatone &'it worked but I would be getting my period every week & could not live like that. I... READ MORE

Accutane not working

I'm a 38 years old male. I have about 62-65 kg. I took 40mg for a month and a half and 60mg for 3 and a half months. The improvement was very small. I... READ MORE

Accutane for a month and still breaking out? Is it not working?

I've been on 20mg of accutane for about 30 days. I was on co-cyprindiol (dianette) for 2 months but it didn't suit me much and my derm told me to come... READ MORE

ACNETREX 10 mg not working, what do I do?

I've been on acnetrex 10mg for 4mos and 3 weeks. My skin is dry but whenever I get my period I still have a breakout. I'm 18 years old and I weigh... READ MORE

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