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What Happens After I Finish Accutane Treatment ?

I will be finishing a 6 month treatment in a few days and will see my derm a few days after. A few months ago he mentioned we'd discuss... READ MORE

My Dermatologist Put Me on a Maintance Doseof Accutane 40mg 1-2 Times Weekly. Does This Sound Like the Right Dosage?

My Dermatologist Put Me on a Maintance Doseof Accutane 40mg 1-2 Times Weekly. Does This Sound Like the Right Dosage? I finished a 4 month course of... READ MORE

Can someone explain an accutane maintenance dose to me please?

I find a lot of conflicting information regarding maintenance doses of accutane on the internet. Currently I am on 10 mg/day and plan to run this for... READ MORE

Post accutane maintenance. What should I do?

Hello, I recently finished my 8 month course of accutane 5 days ago where I reached 240 mg/kg cumulative dose. Skin looks good, still dry. Anyways, I... READ MORE

Accutance maintenance course

I am confused, as I received two info from two different doctors. One advised to take accutance in last week of each month for 6 months. The another... READ MORE

Micro Dose Accutane - When Will I See Results?

I am curently on maintainence therapy of 20mg a week and still having small persistent acne. May i ask when exactly can i start seeing improvements? READ MORE

Will my Skin Purge on Retin-a 0.1% Post Accutane Course?

Hi,i'am almost finish with my accutane course,i will start retin-a 0.1% right after as a maintenance course...will my skin still purge on retin-a post... READ MORE

Have I been on Accutane long enough to start a maintenance program of taking it only a couple days a week?

I've been taking 10 mg of accutane daily for two and a half months. My skin is quite dry now. Have I been on it long enough to start a maintenance... READ MORE

Is it okay to take isotretinoin 10mg twice a week for maintenance after 6 month course? And ive been off of it for 7 months.

Isotretinoin maintenance side effects. Will I get side effects if I take 10 mg twice a week just to avoid comedones and to lessen the oiliness? READ MORE

How does Accutane maintenance dosing work in the US as far as the iPledge system goes?

How long can you be on a maintenance dose/wouldnt you get locked out of the iPledge system? READ MORE

Would I need to start a new Accutane course or just a maintenance course?

Its been 6 months since I took my last pill of accutane..My skin was fairly clear until now. Can I start off with a maintainance program of 20 mg/week... READ MORE

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