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Day 151 on Accutane and Getting Bumps On Skin, Is This Normal This Far In?

Ok so i got 79 days left on accutane (almost three months) and i've been getting these really tiny bumps for a few weeks(they're pink and... READ MORE

Small raised bumps returning to my skin only one week after stopping Accutane treatment. Is there anything I can do about these?

I have been on 20 mg for 4 months but will be travelling and have been advised to stop as it may interfere with anti-malarials. Now that i have been... READ MORE

I'm currently on my 2nd month of Roaccutane and Differin, how can I remove the hyper-pigmentation and brown bumps? (photo)

I'm on my second month of roaccutane (dosage 30 g) and i had these red hyper pigmentation before taking roaccutane. Also the brown bumps which my... READ MORE

1 weeks post op Accutane, I have little bumps mainly on forehead. Is this normal?

I'm a week post accutane and my face is still not producing any oils. However, I've noticed little bumps around my upper nose towards the eyes and on... READ MORE

Tiny bumps and whiteheads 10 weeks post Accutane. Any suggestions?

I started seeing these small bumps a week ago, in a patch on my lower cheek, and since then I think that patch has grown. Not only that but I have... READ MORE

Does Accutane help hyper-pigmentation?

I am currently on trimethoprim but I have spoken to my dermatologist and she spoke about accutane I don't have acne no more just the few tiny bumps... READ MORE

Will accutane remove soft bumps left after cystic pimples?

I suffer from adult muzzle acne. Most of the time when the cystic pimple goes away it leaves a soft raised bump that just doesnt go. They are soft and... READ MORE

Should I go back on Tretinoin? I stopped using it because my skin got too light. I never had acne, just problems with texture.

After using too much Tretinoin for a couple of months, I stopped using it and i have been 7 months without it so far. I never had acne, I just wanted... READ MORE

Post Accutane Acne is Gone but Fairly Red Skin (Bad Texture) and Occasional Red Itchy Bumps?

I have been on a second round of accutane and finished it about 3 months ago. My acne is gone but my skin texture is very bad (no scarring). It's just... READ MORE

Tiny Flesh Colored Bumps After Isotretinoin Treatment

I recently finished my accutane treatment about 1 month ago. Since then, I have had these tiny flesh colored bumps on only the left side of my face.... READ MORE

White Bumps After Quitting Accutane

I have been taking Accutane for 7 years -last 6 @20mg/day. I'm 48/F. Skin very oily,I had little white cauliflower looking bumps. Acctane fixed. I... READ MORE

Small White Bumps on Cheaks After Accutane Treatment?

I have just completed my 6 month accutane treatment. (40mg, twice a day) My acne is gone, HOWEVER it has been replaced by small white bumps on my... READ MORE

Went Off Accutane 1 Month Ago, and Have White Bumps On My Left Cheekbone? (photo)

I came off a course of accutane one month ago (my skin is now really oily again) I've just noticed on my left cheekbone and the side of my jaw I have... READ MORE

I have hormonal acne, comedonal, and inflammatory. Will Accutane be an answer for me? (photo)

I used to have hormonal acne at 15 yr old i was prescrib diane-35 and it worked well i then stop taking the pill a yr ago and never had such a perfect... READ MORE

On Accutane but Started Getting Uninflamed "Spots" Again?

Hi, I've been taking Accutane (40mg/day for last 7 months) but the past 5 weeks I've started getting these small to medium sized acne like bumps,... READ MORE

Bumps on lips? (Accutane/dryness/aquaphor)

I have taken 5 months of 30 mg of accutane twice a day and now I've just started taking 40 twice a day. I don't know if that matters. with my dry lips... READ MORE

Accutane Dosage?

When I 1st started, I was on 20 mg BID, & saw amazing results; this was the 1st month. My doctor upped it to 30 mg BID and I had multiple bumps... READ MORE

Are small raised bumps after Accutane treatment normal?

I just finished a six month cycle of Accutane. While I am quite pleased with my results, I did notice that after a week of getting off the drug and... READ MORE

Tiny bumps /rash on my left hand while on roaccutane? (photo)

HI, I'm on 20 mg/day of roaccutane. It's been around 2 months and now I'm getting these tiny bumps on my left hand. I might have sat on my left hand a... READ MORE

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