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A non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment, Zerona uses low-level (“cold”) lasers to disrupt fat cell membranes. This causes the fat cells to leak and collapse, which may mean losing inches off the treated area.

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what a scam!!! - Brampton, ON

Saw the ad in newspaper and decided to try it, I was supposed to have 30 treatments, agreed on $3500 after having done only 14 treatments and paid $2700 and not even one inch lost I was told to complete my payment in order to continue the treatment. This is the biggest scam I've ever seen so... READ MORE

Scam with No Scientific Basis Whatsoever - Hopkins, MN

I bought a Groupon through a local "wellness center" that I think doesn't even offer this procedure anymore--probably since realizing that it truly doesn't work. I had asked for my money back, but of course they informed me that they couldn't possibly reimburse me; they only offered me more... READ MORE

It Worked for Me - New York, NY

I first heard about Zerona on The Early Show and was intrigued right away. From what the doctor explained to me during my consultation, this thing is not some sort of miracle cure for weight loss. Ideal candidates are people like myself who’re already committed to making healthy lifestyle c... READ MORE

Zerona Worked for Me - Viera, FL

I'm not obese or anything but I was never able to get rid of that extra few inches of belly fat that I've had for several years, no matter what I did. A friend of mine who is a nurse recommended Zerona. I did 12 sessions and I have lost a little over 3 inches of fat. I have not been this lean... READ MORE

ZERONA Laser DOESN'T WORK! - Saint Petersburg, FL

I teach Lasers class at the Laser Institute, and I personally tried Zerona 6 sessions with the supplements I must to take to see results. There was no difference at all! I used it on my flanks. I am 5'8'', 140 lb, 40 years old, active / athletic, healthy diet. I had a better price than anyone... READ MORE

Zerona Didn't Work for Me - Aurora, CO

I'm not overweight, just wanted to lose inches in stubborn areas like love handles & saddlebags. I did 12 treatments of Zerona at American Laser Skincare in CO. I drank over half my bodyweight in oz. every day, used the curva then after that was gone I took Niacin & L-Carnitine, I dry brushed... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money! - Milwaukee, WI

I had my first treatment (one of 12) and was really excited to lose 3 inches of my waste as was advertised. I am now on treatment 10 and wish I had never believed the hype!!! They measure you in several different places...you arms and thighs even thou these areas are not being treated and use... READ MORE

Lost 9.5 Inches Total - The Dalles, OR

Zerona worked for me! I was skeptical but did it anyway. I had that dreaded spare-tire and this did the trick! I opted for 12 sessions. I took the supplements a week prior to the first session and took them throughout, I cut out all caffeine, did the body brushing as suggested, drank the... READ MORE

I Was Really Hoping It Would Have Worked for Me. I Had Been Layed off from my Job of 30 Years. -Phoenix, AZ

I had over 12 Zerona treatments. I followed every rule/suggestion I was given from the packet. Took the Curva Supplement 2x daily. Exercised at least 30-45 minutes a day No coffee, no alcohol, wore compression garments everyday (even while sleeping), stayed hydrated by drinking 85+ oz of water... READ MORE

Don't Do It!! Irvine, CA

What a ripoff! NO results at all. Aside from the cost, it took a huge sacrifice in time, and requires major changes to your diet. AFTERWARDS, they admitted that they see mixed results and it does not work on everyone. It only removes the "soft" fat that is located immediately under your skin... READ MORE

So Happy I Chose D. Lambros - Orange County, CA

Honestly, every aspect of my experience was exceptional.  I chose him over the others because of his honestly and knowledge.  I also have seen his work and I knew I was going to get natural results. I researched and consulted with many Newport Beach Doctors and spent hours on realself... READ MORE

I Read the Reviews and Went for It Anyway...Total Waste of Time and Money

So even after reading all the horrible reviews, I figured these ladies must be overeating or not excercising and that is why it did not work for them. I am FIT, Im a runner and practice Yoga and Pilates. I dont drink alochol or ever eat junk food or sweets. I have been excercising 5-6 days a... READ MORE

Lazy Laser - New Orleans, LA

I did initial research into it after hearing about it from a local news broadcast. The main Zerona website leads you to believe to that you can lose a *minimum* of 3.5 inches from where-ever you use the laser. However, as many have noted, they actually take 10 different measurements from... READ MORE

Zerona Scam - San Ramon, CA

DON'T DO IT!!! I wish I had listened more carefully to the negative reviews on here. Instead, I went into the clinic hopeful... and now, 4 weeks later, walked out without any inch loss. Hugest scam I have ever heard of! I was hoping I would have a wonderful review of the Zerona product, but... READ MORE

Sauna Will Remove Just As Much Weight

This doesn't work. I had nine sessions with no measurable difference. I am 30lbs overweight. They mentioned that their more expensive services work better on their clients. I thought they were up selling. Then I find out later that the reason they offer three extra sessions for the price of... READ MORE

Zerona Actually Worked for Me Despite my Doubts - Parker, CO

I am 39 years old and I have had two children. I work out at 85% of my max heart-rate for 45 minutes, 5 times per week. I have 18% body fat. Despite being fit and reducing my simple carb intake, I just could not shed 7 lbs. that I wanted to lose for a planned beach vacation. So, in desperation,... READ MORE

I Just Had the First of Six Treatments Yesterday and May Add More Depending on my Results.

I knew going into this that it may or may not work. Last week my doctor had me start taking 500mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine and Niacin B-6 three times a day. He asked that I walk an hour a day. I am drinking 70 oz of water per day and he wanted me to eat 1500 calories per day and increase my protein... READ MORE

Zerona Fat Lazer - 20 Treatments, No Results

Please do not do the Zerona fat zapping lazer. They will not give you your money back.I got 20 treatments, and not one result. If you have had the same response please let me know, i think we should file a suit against the makers of the lazer. They say it doesnt work for everyone, but its... READ MORE

6 Zerona Treatments (Plus Lymphatic Massage) Was Ineffective for Me

I purchased 6 treatments along with the lymphatic massages.I had a realistic goal of 3-9 inches, just as Zerona advertises. My doctor told me his clients were receiving much higher numbers. He said he was averaging 11 inches lost!I dieted the 2 weeks during the treatments. A 1,200 calorie diet,... READ MORE

A Teacher Learns a Lesson: It Didn't Work for Me

I thought I was the prefect candidate for this "no risk, no down time, great results" procedure. I needed to lose 10 pounds that I recently gained. I am usually a slim person, but menopause caused some weight gain. (I wear a size 8, I usually wear a size 6).It didn't work for me. ... READ MORE

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