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A non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment, Zerona uses low-level (“cold”) lasers to disrupt fat cell membranes. This causes the fat cells to leak and collapse, which may mean losing inches off the treated area.

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So even after reading all the horrible reviews, I figured these ladies must be overeating or not excercising and that is why it did not work for them. I am FIT, Im a runner and practice Yoga and Pilates. I dont drink alochol or ever eat junk food or sweets. I have been excercising 5-6 days a... READ MORE

I did initial research into it after hearing about it from a local news broadcast. The main Zerona website leads you to believe to that you can lose a *minimum* of 3.5 inches from where-ever you use the laser. However, as many have noted, they actually take 10 different measurements from... READ MORE

DON'T DO IT!!! I wish I had listened more carefully to the negative reviews on here. Instead, I went into the clinic hopeful... and now, 4 weeks later, walked out without any inch loss. Hugest scam I have ever heard of! I was hoping I would have a wonderful review of the Zerona product, but... READ MORE

This doesn't work. I had nine sessions with no measurable difference. I am 30lbs overweight. They mentioned that their more expensive services work better on their clients. I thought they were up selling. Then I find out later that the reason they offer three extra sessions for the price of... READ MORE

I am 39 years old and I have had two children. I work out at 85% of my max heart-rate for 45 minutes, 5 times per week. I have 18% body fat. Despite being fit and reducing my simple carb intake, I just could not shed 7 lbs. that I wanted to lose for a planned beach vacation. So, in desperation,... READ MORE

I knew going into this that it may or may not work. Last week my doctor had me start taking 500mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine and Niacin B-6 three times a day. He asked that I walk an hour a day. I am drinking 70 oz of water per day and he wanted me to eat 1500 calories per day and increase my protein... READ MORE

Please do not do the Zerona fat zapping lazer. They will not give you your money back.I got 20 treatments, and not one result. If you have had the same response please let me know, i think we should file a suit against the makers of the lazer. They say it doesnt work for everyone, but its... READ MORE

I purchased 6 treatments along with the lymphatic massages.I had a realistic goal of 3-9 inches, just as Zerona advertises. My doctor told me his clients were receiving much higher numbers. He said he was averaging 11 inches lost!I dieted the 2 weeks during the treatments. A 1,200 calorie diet,... READ MORE

I thought I was the prefect candidate for this "no risk, no down time, great results" procedure. I needed to lose 10 pounds that I recently gained. I am usually a slim person, but menopause caused some weight gain. (I wear a size 8, I usually wear a size 6).It didn't work for me. ... READ MORE

According to Zerona and my doctor, my treatments were a success. I lost 5 inches, which sounds great, right? 5 inches of belly fat and slimmer thighs? Not exactly.Let me tell you how they figure the inches lost. First, they measure your neck, bust, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs and knees-yes... READ MORE

After 2 of my girlfriends went thru the Zerona treatment with great results, I decided to also give it a whirl. I had been trying to get my body back to pre-baby form, but could not shake my back bra area or tummy.I had a little reaction to some recommended supplements, but otherwise the Zerona... READ MORE

I had six treatments and no results. I was given three more days. After seven total, still no results.After being told I was a perfect candidate to shed inches on my thighs, I shelled out $2300. I exercise six days a week alternating weights with aerobics and one day of an hour of stretching.... READ MORE

I am a male, and I did the zerona laser procedure in Toronto. I am not writing this review to say zerona does not work, but I would like to point out that zerona does not work on male as compared to females.While I was doing my research for the zerona laser, I noticed that all the news reports... READ MORE

My husband said - if it sounds too good to be true - it is! He was soooooo right!There were supposed to be 6 of us starting the laser that week - I followed the diet and supplements and treatments to a "T" - absolutely no results - nothing - flush your 2000.00 down the toilet... don't... READ MORE

I'm a guy around 50, I work out 3-5 times a week but the pants were still to tight. So I decided to try zerona. I did the series of 6 treatments. I really only needed to lose around my belly so I didn't care about hips or thighs.As far as results I lost almost three inches (2.75) around my... READ MORE

I decided to try Zerona after seeing the very convincing "The Doctors" episode about it. I am not overweight, but have some saddlebag area that I can't get rid of though I am a regular runner. My treatments consisted of 10 treatments. The first 5 were every day. After no results... READ MORE

I just recently completed my ZERONA treatments in Atlanta. I was somewhat skeptical about the procedure. I was considering other procedures. Following the doctors protocol, I lost a total of 11.5 inches! I am very pleased. At the end of my six procedures I had lost just under 9 inches, and... READ MORE

I followed the entire protocol & did not lose ANY inches or even fractions of an inch.Halfway through, when I did not think anything was changing, I was told that it helps to "visualize the fat melting". Yeah, right! I was also given some subliminal CD to listen to that was... READ MORE

I thought I would give it a try and followed the instructions to the letter. It was really just a waste of time and money and would not recommend it. READ MORE

I needed to lose 10 lbs in my abdomen and hips. I was told that I was the "perfect candidate" for Zerona.I had six 45min treatments over a two week period. I worked out harder, drank 64oz of water, and ate light, healthy meals. NOTHING happened! I lost NO FAT! Do not waste your... READ MORE

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