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A non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment, Zerona uses low-level (“cold”) lasers to disrupt fat cell membranes. This causes the fat cells to leak and collapse, which may mean losing inches off the treated area.

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Hey so i was skeptical about this treatment. There were a lot of mixed reviews but I did track my progress. When I started with my treatments (located in golds gym) I was 34 inches in the waist. It was slightly ridiculous, I still appeared to be pregnant. I started my treatments, drink ginger... READ MORE

Hello everyone I want to let everyone to know this. If you have any questions just E-mail me and I'm a real person and I live in Colorado Springs, CO It all started like this I was a size 42 waste and I was wearing my loose fit jeans because my thighs were big. I have my own plumbing company and... READ MORE

Hello, I live in Canada and I had six sessions, my trouble areas were my two midsection "tires", you know, when you sit and right under your bust line and then all around your tummy area?, there, tried excercie, diet, nothing, I could actually feel the hardened fat on those tires, they might... READ MORE

I gained weight last summer after becoming very ill and having surgery. I have been struggling to get my body back. When I came to shala plus health and wellness spa the staff are very friendly and educated me well so that I could choose the best treatment for me. I feel very good so far and I... READ MORE

I've been meaning to write this review for a while but with family and work life I've been delayed. I finally found a solution to my lower belly (post baby bump) that I was left with. I had 6 sessions of Zerona and lost around 5 inches on my waist, 2 inches on each of my thighs and 3 inches on... READ MORE

I had 18 treatments never noticed any difference at all I didn't even get measured in the end very expensive and no results I would never do this again or recommend it the experience was very pleasant as they said it was very relaxing I did exactly what I was supposed to do drank lots of water... READ MORE

Went for 15 sessions almost 1800 $. After 6 sessions gains some inches and they blamed it on protein supplement and told me because I drank 2 beers in a week. Buy the way they ask how much I was drinking and only after the 9th session told me I needed to stop completely. They insist on you... READ MORE

DON'T DO IT!!! thank goodness I bought my from Groupon. I paid $1200 for 12 sessions which were 40 minutes each. Saw absolutely NO DIFFERENCE. Dr. Osteroff suggested I go on a diet and exercise at least 1 hr. A day, then I would see results. Really... I better lose weight if I exercise... READ MORE

In 2012 I decided to complete a newish procedure, the Zerona. I did a series of 3 treatments per week for three weeks. The treatments would begin with me laying completely naked on a table for 20 minutes while the LED lights circled in beams around me, crisscrossing various areas on my abdomen... READ MORE

42 yrs old, 5'5", 126 lbs. Follow these instructions for two weeks every day: for every pound you weigh drink the equivalent in ounces of water, wear a compression garment, don't eat carbs & don't drink alcohol. Think you'll lose weight? Those not accustomed to this lifestyle would. Think... READ MORE

Just finished my 13 sessions. I had a personal trainer for 20min after each session, took the diet pills they gave me and drank 5 water bottles a day plus ate right. It did not work for me. Lost only one inch!!!!! Was not worth the money, Very disappointed!!!!! I could have went and paid a... READ MORE

I had 7 Zerona treatments done last month. I did not see an improvement in my waistline. I am not overweight but have a persistent belly that does not reduce in size with exercise. Zerona has done something weird to my skin. The texture has changed. It is wrinkly and I feel like I've aged... READ MORE

A total waste of money!!! I lost my money than lost weight or ( redused fat ) don't do it nothing change except you lay down for 40 minutes 3 time a week for almost a month just drive to the location without any change in my body shape and absulitly $ 1500 I already lost it , I was told I will... READ MORE

I bought a Groupon for 6 Zerona sessions and I did them all over the course of 2 weeks. I was measured the day of my first session, and I just measured myself after the 6th. Not only do I look exactly the same, I did not lose a single inch anywhere on my body. This was a total waste of money.... READ MORE

Though I'm not overweight, I was assured this would work on the stubborn fat deposits that I could not get rid of through working out. Even when I'm in my best shape, I still have tummy and hip fat. I was assured that this procedure would make a difference. After six treatments, I noticed... READ MORE

I did 12 treatments of Zarona and only lost 6 inches and 7 pounds... Honestly If you are going threw the change of life and your hormones are off its not going to work very well. I should have went to the doctor first and got my hormones corrected before I tried this treatment. Now I work out on... READ MORE

Here is my Yelp review: Extremely friendly employees! Can't say enough about how helpful they were... I really wanted this to work, but it didn't for me. The 1/4 -3/4" losses in 10 different places added up to a 4" loss, but taken like that, I still wear the same size, weigh the same and look... READ MORE

I had an orientation about Zerona’s treatment and was told laser treatment will melt all the fat cells in the belly area. They measured me before the treatment and after two sessions they measured me again and there was no changes. I followed all the steps, drink water, no alcohol, watch my d... READ MORE

I had 12 Zerona treatments for my mid section. I am 58 and it was getting alittle thick. I followed the protocol to the tea and my results were super. I dropped 13 1/4" and 12 lbs. I couldn't get rid of this excess with diet and exercise so I thought I would try something else. I would... READ MORE

Had this pouch in my mid 40s, tried all types of exercise. A year ago was told I have high cholesterol, been on a diet doctor put me on and exercising even more. 2months ago had cholesterol check again, was told lipids are even more higher. Needless to say, was very frustrated. Saw an Ad for... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Zerona ranges from $1,300-$2,200 with an average cost of $1,625. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 139 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more