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Zerona Laser - Lost 9 Inches off Stomach and Thighs - Los Angeles

I had 12 zerona laser treatments on my stomach and thighs and was able to lose about 9 inches total off both places. I also lost 14 lbs - from 132 to 118. I'm only 5'3" - so this made a big difference. I was VERY skeptical - but it did work. I changed my diet a little and... READ MORE

Zerona Treatment - Bloomfield Hills, MI

Diets are never easy. Even when I have been able to loss some weight in the past; it's never in the right areas. I'm finally able to loose the love handles and inner leg fat I couldn't lose before. My skin is finally getting firmer and I'm getting rid of the cellulite that I've had since I was a... READ MORE

Hugely Recommended, Lifechanging Results!!!!!

Firstly, let me say that this procedure is not cheap. And not without discomfort, depending on the areas treated (the back is not a big deal, whilst being treated for the abdominal/stomach areas will involve more discomfort). But this was soooooo worth it!!!!! I used to live in NYC, now... READ MORE

Worth What I Paid - Rockledge, FL

I measured 28 inches and after 6 treatments I was down to 26 inches....this was across the smallest part of the my waist. It didn't do much for my back, but definitely my waist. It was for sure worth $200. I see some people paying much more. However, I don't know that it would be worth more than... READ MORE

Absolutely Nothing - New York

Even though you're supposed to do six sessions, I stopped after five. I thought I had convinced myself I could feel the tingle of the laser and it had to be working, after 5 sessions - plus drinking tons of water, lots of exercise, little caffeine, and no alcohol, I had put on an inch around my... READ MORE

40 Yrs Old Went Fro Stomach Weight Loss - Ontario, CA

Totally wasted my money, with no results!!!!!!!!!! i even redone the treatments and still not a result, and yes it was the 40mins sessions each time few times a week i am so disapointed in wasting all that money and time, i would not recommend this to anybody looking for real results, and they... READ MORE

Did Not Work - Montclair, NJ

So disappointed. Waste of time and money. I had several good long sessions for middle and thighs and there was zero improvement whatsoever. Huge waste of time and money. I followed all of the recommendations for care between sessions and there was no positive result. I do not recommend this at all. READ MORE

Does NOT Work - Southlake, TX

I completed 7 of 8 sessions (1 missed session that they would not let me make up). I took measurements after every treatment and saw NO change. The one measurement they took (before the 1st and after the last treatment) was above the waistline into my rib cage area and they say I lost 1 inch. ... READ MORE

Worked Well - Edina, MN

I lost about 8 inches!! I was really happy with the results...I worked out about an hour a day 5 days a week when I received my treatments, and I ate clean, drank tons of water and no alcohol. I fell out of my workout routine in the past year though and just got back to it and am considering... READ MORE

12 Treatments Later & Couldn't Be Happier!! - Atlanta, GA

After completing the 12 I have lost about 13lbs and over 8" from my body. I will do these treatments indefinitely as I love the Zerona laser and the low prices my Spa I go to offers!! If anyone is interested in purchasing Zerona treatments and is in the Atlanta area check out Euphorium Body Spa,... READ MORE

Zerona Laser Lipo to Reduce Thigh Fat, No Results After 6 Months Treatment and >$4000 Spent - Minneapolis, MN

The Zerona® laser is the only completely safe and effective non-invasive treatment for body slimming on the market today. The Zerona® treatment was proven effective in a double-blind clinical trial on the waist, hips and thighs where localized fat deposits exist that are resistant to diet and e... READ MORE

25 Year Old Mother Post Pregnancy Stubborn Fat - Orlando, FL

Hey so i was skeptical about this treatment. There were a lot of mixed reviews but I did track my progress. When I started with my treatments (located in golds gym) I was 34 inches in the waist. It was slightly ridiculous, I still appeared to be pregnant. I started my treatments, drink ginger... READ MORE

I Love the Zerona. Colorado Springs, CO

Hello everyone I want to let everyone to know this. If you have any questions just E-mail me and I'm a real person and I live in Colorado Springs, CO It all started like this I was a size 42 waste and I was wearing my loose fit jeans because my thighs were big. I have my own plumbing company and... READ MORE

Love Handles and Midsection Tire - Oakville, ON

Hello, I live in Canada and I had six sessions, my trouble areas were my two midsection "tires", you know, when you sit and right under your bust line and then all around your tummy area?, there, tried excercie, diet, nothing, I could actually feel the hardened fat on those tires, they might... READ MORE

31 Year Old Trying to Get my Body Back - Schamburg, IL

I gained weight last summer after becoming very ill and having surgery. I have been struggling to get my body back. When I came to shala plus health and wellness spa the staff are very friendly and educated me well so that I could choose the best treatment for me. I feel very good so far and I... READ MORE

Pre-Baby Body is BACK! - Schaumburg, IL

I've been meaning to write this review for a while but with family and work life I've been delayed. I finally found a solution to my lower belly (post baby bump) that I was left with. I had 6 sessions of Zerona and lost around 5 inches on my waist, 2 inches on each of my thighs and 3 inches on... READ MORE

56 Year Old Woman

I had 18 treatments never noticed any difference at all I didn't even get measured in the end very expensive and no results I would never do this again or recommend it the experience was very pleasant as they said it was very relaxing I did exactly what I was supposed to do drank lots of water... READ MORE

Zerona. Doest Work, Do Not Spend Your Money on That.

Went for 15 sessions almost 1800 $. After 6 sessions gains some inches and they blamed it on protein supplement and told me because I drank 2 beers in a week. Buy the way they ask how much I was drinking and only after the 9th session told me I needed to stop completely. They insist on you... READ MORE

ABSOLUTELY NO RESULTS... Do NOT WASTE your money..50 Yr. Female 5'4" 148lbs - Honolulu, HI

DON'T DO IT!!! thank goodness I bought my from Groupon. I paid $1200 for 12 sessions which were 40 minutes each. Saw absolutely NO DIFFERENCE. Dr. Osteroff suggested I go on a diet and exercise at least 1 hr. A day, then I would see results. Really... I better lose weight if I exercise... READ MORE

Zerona for Abdomen Reduction - Toronto, ON

In 2012 I decided to complete a newish procedure, the Zerona. I did a series of 3 treatments per week for three weeks. The treatments would begin with me laying completely naked on a table for 20 minutes while the LED lights circled in beams around me, crisscrossing various areas on my abdomen... READ MORE

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